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Oakley Rereleased the Sub Zero Sunglasses

Oakley Rereleased the Sub Zero Sunglasses

Any of us who are getting nostalgic for the seeming simplicity and optimism of the early 90s, which seems to be a sizable share of us these days, have another bit of good news. Oakley has taken it upon themselves to release an updated version of their 1992 Sub Zero sunglasses. The lens design is the same, so it keeps that cool, weird-looking shape the 90s thought would be far more common by now. It’s the materials that have gotten a 2022 update. The frame is made of Oakley’s proprietary O Matter®, making it virtually weightless, and their Unobtainium® ear socks and nose pads keep the glasses from slipping off (and somehow it hasn’t gotten them sued by James Cameron). The lenses were also updated to Oakley’s Prizm™ lens, which enhances color and sharpens detail. The current stock is already sold out, but if we can speculate for a second, rereleases this successful rarely have one round.

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