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Nike Interact Run Road Running Shoes

Nike Interact Run Road Running Shoes

Nike’s game-changing Interact Run is not just a running shoe; it’s a stride towards sustainability and affordability. Designed for the eco-conscious athlete, this performance footwear gem doesn’t just break records but also molds a brighter future. Crafted with care, at least 25% of its materials are recycled by weight.

With an 85% recycled polyester Flyknit upper and an innovative midsole foam injection process to minimize waste, the Interact Run is as good for your conscience as it is for your run. And let’s not forget that waffled outsole, built with at least 13% recycled rubber, delivering impeccable traction for all terrains. For the trendsetting runner who craves both peak performance and a cleaner planet, the Interact Run from Nike is the winning stride. It’s time to lace up and leave a greener footprint on your track.

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