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Nike Announces the “Calm Mule”

Nike Announces the “Calm Mule”

The humble clog has become one of the most beloved footwear styles in the past year. It’s no small feat that Crocs has managed to transform its shoe from a kitschy afterthought to the next big silhouette in footwear. After the success of Nike’s Calm slide, the brand is debuting a clog-inspire shoe with the Nike Calm Mule. This modern slip-on is a minimalist masterpiece, crafted for those who value style and ease. With sleek olive, black, and grey colorways, the Calm Mule effortlessly pairs with any laid-back or street-savvy outfit.

Not many details have emerged aside from the announcement and some design photos but it’s clear that, the Calm Mule has all the trappings of the typical mule. You’ll find a closed-toe design and a open heel with removable ankle strap. Similar to Crocs’ design, the strap should offer extra support whether you’re on the trail or cruising around town. Nike has also stamped its iconic swoosh on the side and on the interior.

Embrace the effortless sophistication of the Calm Mule – a perfect blend of Nike’s iconic quality and a minimalist aesthetic. There’s no official release date or pricing for the Calm Mule so we’ll have to be patient and check the Nike website for further announcements.

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