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Where To Shop for Men’s Jeans

Where To Shop for Men’s Jeans

Jeans truly do make the man, and a good pair can be style-defining. Even if your denim style isn’t edgy or up-to-date, every guy needs at least a few pairs of great denim jeans. They’re easily the most versatile type of pants you’ll ever own. Whether you pair them with a basic white t-shirt, a sweater, or don them with a crisp button-down shirt and blazer, the jeans you choose should have excellent fit, fabric quality, and construction. There’s no question that the gamut of the best jeans for men covers a wide range of prices, cuts, styles, and fabrics. So where should you go to find the best men’s jeans? Some brands are well-known, while others are relatively obscure. But you should never count out the smaller players who are perfecting their denim craft. Our selections for the best places to shop online for men’s jeans cover the small family-owned manufacturers all the way to the denim juggernaut. Whatever brand(s) you choose from, you’re sure to get some of the best denim jeans out there.

The Best Jeans for Men


Shockoe Atelier

Shockoe, out of Richmond, Virginia, prides itself on premium American workwear using the finest materials and in small batches. They started back in 2014, and they’ve developed a strong customer base for good reason. The family-owned and operated company makes each pair by hand, a process that takes two hours from start to finish. They use denim from Louisiana’s Vidalia Mills, as well as premium Japanese and slub denim. Various cuts range from slim tapered to standard, and you can find the one that fits you best. SA’s best-seller is easily the Standard Kojima with its Japanese denim, impeccable selvage construction, and wonderful textured finish. Whichever pair you select, they provide lifetime repairs for your jeans. Prices range from $215 to $250. Buy


Dearborn Denim

Based out of Chicago, Dearborn’s following has grown thanks to its affordable denim jeans that are all priced at $75 or less. While that seems dirt cheap, the quality is remarkable for the price point. Their jeans are designed, cut, and sewn in the USA, and most of their materials are sourced in America, as well. Choose from slim, tailored, relaxed, or boot cut in denim or stretch denim in numerous shades, including black, charcoal, and washed grey. Every version boasts a huge range of inseams, including odd sizes from 28 to 36. What we can personally attest to is the level of comfort, which is unparalleled for the asking price. Buy



A ‘best jeans list’ cannot exist without Levi Strauss & Co. Although they’re no longer American-owned, they’re still the defacto standard. That’s largely because they’ve been making quality denim since 1873. They have denim in every fit from skinny all the way to loose, so finding the ones that work for your style and body type isn’t an obstacle. Fabrics range from sustainable to stretch to selvage, and everything in between. Levi’s even offers a SecondHand line that sells pre-owned denim for that already worn-in look, albeit for much less than new. If you haven’t the faintest idea of which jeans to choose from in their vast array of denim, go with the iconic straight leg, button-fly 501s, which will always be a classic. Buy


Revtown Jeans

Based out of good ol’ Pittsburgh, Revtown was started by former Under Armour employees who have a background in athleisure. The result is some of the most comfortable jeans you can get at this price while still imparting a put-together look. Each pair is made with soft Italian denim that’s been infused with a flexible athletic yarn for easy movement. But instead of looking like denim jeggings, Revtown jeans can make any guy look ready for the office, a night out, or that all-important first date. Skinny, slim, relaxed, and a unique khaki style come in a myriad of hues, and Revtown even has lightweight jeans that look the part but feel like sweats. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Buy


Rogue Territory

If you want impeccable denim that may just last longer than you, Rogue Territory’s offerings are about as good a jeans can get without making you completely cringe at the price. They come in three cuts: slim-straight, skinny, and tapered, as well as numerous hues, weights, and denim types. Most of their denim is sourced directly from Japan, and the jeans are hand-crafted in Los Angeles. They include brilliant details like lasso stitching on the back pockets, a hidden pen pocket, hand silk-screened pocket bags, and selvage finishing on the fly and coin pocket. They might cost a bit, but these beauties are worth every penny. Buy



Tellason was founded in 2012 in San Francisco, and it strives to focus on American materials and craftsmanship for its raw selvage-finished denim jeans. Clearly a premium product, their jeans are not inexpensive, nor are they as pricey as offerings from overseas. What you get is a product that 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA. What’s more, the fit improves significantly after only a couple of weeks of wear. They use world-famous Cone denim in three different weights, 12.5 oz, 14.75 oz and 16.5 oz and seven different cuts ranging from slim tapered to straight leg. Every pair costs $230, regardless of cut or weight. Buy



Don’t look for fancy, flashy jeans from the minimalist Swedish brand. Asket’s strengths are simplicity and quality. Rather than myriad fits, washes, and fabrics, Asket makes the best wardrobe staples in the business, including some of the best jeans for men. They’re cut and sewn in Italy using rigid ring-spun Japanese raw denim, washed Italian denim, or organic Turkish black denim. They’re all sold direct-to-consumer, so the savings are built-in. Buy

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