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Vollebak Planet Earth Jacket

Vollebak Planet Earth Jacket

When it comes to gear designed to last significantly longer than the average human life span, you won’t find a better maker than Vollebak. Vollebak more than delivers on those claims with the 100 Year Hoodie, 100 Year Shorts, 100 Year Vest, Full Metal Jacket, and everything else the brand has ever released. That includes their latest: the Vollebak Planet Earth Jacket. Inspired by the iconic M-65 Field Jacket the US Army donned during Vietnam, the Vollebak Planet Earth Jacket combines waxed cotton (from UK-based outfit British Millerain) and ultra-tough Cordura nylon lining construction with an obscene amount of visible and hidden pockets for the ultimate piece of outwear that’s water-, wind-, and weather-resistant while still having more than enough space for literally all of your gear.

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