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8 Tie-Dye Shirts Any Guy Can Pull Off

8 Tie-Dye Shirts Any Guy Can Pull Off

Summer means shedding layers, turning to light garments, and letting your tanned skin show. You start thinking about packing up to live a life of beachside leisure. You don swimsuits and dig through your closet for the tie-dye shirt you made in school—tie-dye is in again, you reaffirm yourself. It’s bundled up into a ball and probably has some dated text on it. It’s time for a tie-dye upgrade to get back in the game. Here are eight of the best tie-dye shirts you can toss on this summer.

Mollusk Best Tee Ever

Mollusk, if you aren’t familiar, is an O.G. in the surfwear industry. They make some of the best boardshorts, sweatshirts, and tote bags—and a stylish, surfer-cool tie-dye tee they aptly named the “Best Tee Ever.” Buy

Champion Reverse Weave Tie-Dye Tee

You should be familiar with Champion by now. But, you might not be aware of their most recent attempts at revamping their classic silhouettes. Their sweatshirts and tees are constantly being reissued in more modern colorways and cuts. Here’s an impressively simple tie-dye tee from one of their most recent releases. Buy

Death Row Records Tie-Dye Tee

Nobody affiliated with Death Row ever wore tie-dye—we doubt it—but tie-dying a vintage tee is a great way to salvage the unsalvageable. If the tee is pilling or stained, give it the best tie-dye treatment you can muster. Or, buy one that’s dyed for you, like this replica record label tee from Urban Outfitters. Buy

Katin USA Skull Tie-Dye Tee

Katin is another legend in surfwear. They’ve been around for 60+ years and have kept a pulse on popular beachwear longer than most brands survive. They saw the trend when it first surfaced and mastered it for when it returned. This is their “Skull Island” tie-dye tee in a pinkish, orangish, red hue. Buy

Mark McNairy Piece Out Tie-Dye Tee

Mark McNairy is known for many things as a designer. He’s keenly tuned into popular culture, well-versed in sartorial menswear, and has the ability to blend them together into pieces that are uniquely his. This “Piece Out” tee is classic counter-culture, timely trend-following, and noticeably-McNairy all in one. Buy

David Bowie Tie-Dye Tee

David Bowie was one of the most eccentric dressers of all time; somehow he made looks that seemed outrageous and costume-y for others look fitting and elegant on him. He’d probably be a huge fan of this tee. So, wear it proudly knowing that this rainbow-hue would have pleased the late-Starman.   Buy

Mark McNairy “Never Trust a Hippie” Tee

A tie-dye tee brazened with the slogan “Never Trust A Hippie.” It’s cheeky, self-aware, stylish, and obviously a creation of Mark McNairy. If you want to wear tie-dye because it looks cool but don’t want to proudly proclaim hippie-dom, this tee is for you. Buy

Converse Tie-Dye Multi Graphic Tee

Converse also makes a quality tie-dye tee. It’s made from 100% cotton, is comfortable and not starchy, and it won’t fade after a wash or two. Let this tee be your sweat-and-sun-proof summer uniform. Buy