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Far Afield POP Stachio ‘Fight Club’ Shirt

Far Afield POP Stachio ‘Fight Club’ Shirt

Despite the fact the film itself is of legal drinking age–bet you feel old now–Fight Club remains one of the seminal films of our formative years. We know the first rule is not talking about it, but we’re going to do just that because UK brand Far Afield just dropped a new POP Stachio Short Sleeve Shirt based on the floral one Tyler Durden–aka Brad Pitt, obviously–wore during the film. This 100% organic satin cotton shirt is cut in a regular fit and wears true to size with an open collar, chest pocket, straight hem, and mother of pearl buttons–along with an autumnal floral/leaf print juxtaposed on a white canvas that just goes on for days and days. Is it the actual shirt Pitt wore during the film? No. The Far Afield version translates the original polo shirt in the film into a full button-down, which, in our opinion, makes it infinitely more versatile. Layer it with solid colors in the fall or, during the sweltering months, wear it unbuttoned while you’re manning the grill or mowing the lawn.

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