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The 10 Best Under-the-Radar Menswear Brands Stylish Guys Should Know

The 10 Best Under-the-Radar Menswear Brands Stylish Guys Should Know

Any guy can shop online or head to the mall to buy apparel from mainstream brands, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If it ain’t broke, as they say. As long as you’ve taken the time to develop your own style and choose quality pieces, you’re probably fine. But what about carving out a more specialized style niche with brands that are a bit more obscure? There are some excellent menswear brands that fly under the radar and, as a result, deliver the right dose of unique style that can defy convention. You might want a statement piece or just a conventional item that’s been reinterpreted in a nuanced way through features, fit, colors, and materials. Lesser-known and newer brands tend to be a bit more willing to push the envelope in these areas.

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth

If you want bespoke clothing for less, then look no further than Proper Cloth. It’s been around since 2008, and the brand has grown in size and apparel variety. The focus isn’t just on great style, but also the best fit possible for online menswear. Proper Cloth excels with its fit prediction algorithms and 3D visualization tools, and its level of customization is incredibly high. You don’t just order a 42 Long suit. You can select lapels, lining, pockets, vents, buttons — the list goes on. In the off chance it doesn’t fit correctly, Proper Cloth will recut and resize your order without charge. Shirting, suits, sweaters, pants, and accessories run such a huge range that you can get your entire wardrobe there.

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wool and prince

Wool & Prince

If you haven’t worn merino wool clothing, you’re missing out. And that’s not just for socks and scarves, but also t-shirts, button-ups, pants, and jackets. Wool & Prince has been innovating wool garments since 2013, and the current line is truly expansive. Not only does the company infuse merino fabric with nylon and spandex, but it also field tests with customers and actually listens to feedback from buyers who recommend changes to improve products. Wool & Prince’s shirts, pants, jackets, and even underwear make cotton products look, well, inferior. They’re all beautifully minimalist with a modern fit that’s trim without being restrictive. The apparel is so well made, they will easily last for years, if not decades.

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Texas-based Tecovas was born out of a passion for Western boots. Each pair is made by hand with meticulous craftsmanship in Mexico, and the boots range from refined Chelsea boots to highly stylized cowboy boots. But even if Western boots are not your thing, Tecovas has grown way beyond footwear and expanded its appeal with apparel and accessories that impart Western flair without overdoing it. Even if you won’t wear pointy Ostrich leather boots, you’ll be sure to find the excellent pearl snap shirts or rugged outerwear perfect for laid-back cowboy style.

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snow peak

Snow Peak

Japanese brand Snow Peak’s origins stem from one man’s passion for mountain climbing. Yuko Yamai started Snow Peak in 1958 as a maker of climbing equipment, but the company now makes outdoor gear, camping gear, and a wide array of Japanese-inspired clothing. The apparel uses more generous cuts that deviate from the slimmer silhouettes more common in the States. Snow Peak’s quality is impeccable, and the minimalist but edgy Japanese style shines through all of the pieces through muted colors and adornments but bold and generous cuts and shapes.

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Filson is, by far, the oldest brand on this list by a significant margin. Filson is one of the best outdoor menswear brands on the planet, they haven’t gone truly mainstream. Filson’s clothes and accessories are built for field use, but they’re far more than just “outdoorsy” in appearance. The signature waxed cloth and tin cloth fabric exude workwear style and will last decades if cared for properly.

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Aime leon dore

Aimé Leon Dore

The name might sound French, but Aimé Leon Dore was born from the mind of Queens native Teddy Santis in 2014. The level of modernized retro menswear is off the charts, and nothing looks even remotely derivative — an achievement in and of itself. The cultural vibes that imbue every piece are palpable, but the level of style is attainable by those willing to take some style risks without trying too hard.

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New York’s Wythe had humble beginnings that started in 2019 with founder Peter Middleton’s desire to revive the classic American oxford shirt. That simple quest has given birth to an impressive line of American heritage pieces that bear the modern Wythe touch. Whether its the classic oxford, vintage-style t-shirts, rugged ranch jackets, vibrant plaid shirts, or opulent shawl-collar wool overcoats, Wythe will having you standing out in a crowd.

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goodlife clothing

Goodlife Clothing

Goodlife has been around for a little bit more than a decade, but its quality makes the brand seem like it has been doing this for much longer. The focus is on American casual classics reinterpreted in a fresh way. For example, the corduroy snap shirt has a mild stretch, a balanced fit, and asymmetric chest pocket flaps. Goodlife also happens to do loungewear like no other with copious use of soft and supple velour, muted colorways, and simple silhouettes with a modern fit.

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far afield

Far Afield

Far Afield kicked off in the UK led by brothers Mark and Chris Scholes. They were inspired by travel and lending global colors to a utilitarian but stylish British contemporary brand. The brand has grown in scope and popularity since then, but it remains a small-scale operation with a focus on great industry relationships and sustainability. Far Afield’s clothing is casual while still looking very put together. The fit is generous and in line with the more laid back times.

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East London brand Percival states that it subverts the classics, and that’s evident in the way it approaches virtually every piece, from playful embroidered t-shirts to shearling coats. Everything is designed out of the brand’s London studio, and it strives to keep the apparel fresh by issuing collections on a frequent basis. Collections are small but punctuated with vibrant colors, modern cuts, and colorways you don’t commonly find elsewhere in menswear.

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