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8 Striped Shirts to Channel Your Inner Pablo Picasso

8 Striped Shirts to Channel Your Inner Pablo Picasso

Striped shirts have long been the casual uniform of stylish men. The French National Navy popularized the garment in the mid 19th century; artists like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol oft donned the look, despite living in vastly different eras; style rebels James Dean and Kurt Cobain even bought in. Though other colors and patterns have come and gone, the Breton Shirt, as it’s famously named, has stayed the same. It’s as stylish for men today as it was years ago. Here are 8 striped shirts to help you channel your inner Picasso.

Huckberry Breton Shirt

This is a high-quality remake of the original. Its authentic silhouette is reminiscent of the one Picasso adored. From the wider neck to the slimmer ribbing, this one is a vital piece in a classy, art-world uniform. Buy

J.Crew Mercantile T-Shirt

The striping is a bit wider, and less vivid, here. J.Crew’s ability to make this look perfectly broken-in saves you the hassle of worrying about ruining it. The stripes are faded, the fit is looser, and the t-shirt is a bit comfier, which sounds good to us. Buy

Banana Republic Vintage Stripe T-Shirt

This is a viable alternative to the classic colorway. It’s a near opposite of the O.G., but it still looks good. It’s a great option for someone who keeps a darker wardrobe but still wants the same silhouette. Buy

UO Even Stripe T-Shirt

This is a more modern, trendier version of the classic. It lays longer, has a contrast collar, and looks more skater than sculptor. The split bottom hem lets you dress it up if you tuck it in or wear it more casually if you let it down. Buy

Uniqlo Striped T-Shirt

Here’s another inversion of the predominantly white colorway. While most versions are black with stripes, this one from Uniqlo is navy. It lets you keep your color scheme—the one from the original Breton Shirt—and break the rules at the same time. Buy

Ami Cotton Striped T-Shirt

This striped t-shirt from Ami is for the serious collector. If you’re truly committed to the Picasso look, cop an original work from him, grab this shirt from Ami, and live your fantasy. It’s not cheap, but it’s not entirely out of the question. The price might scare you off, but if it doesn’t, it’s worth it solely to marvel at the structure, the logowork, and the feel. Buy

UO Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt

If you can’t get enough of your Breton shirt, and you need it in every color, length, and fit, this one’s for you. UO took the classic look and made it long-sleeved. It’s the perfect shirt for summer made warmer—for windy days on the beach or late nights out. Buy

Forever 21 Paint Splatter Striped Tee

Yes, Forever 21 makes men’s clothes. They’re the same as the women’s, meaning, they’re affordable, not-so-structured, and oft on-trend. This case is no exception. The paint-splattered, torn and worn, Breton-inspired t-shirt works for you if you plan on wearing it into the ground. Buy