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A Trip Inside the Legendary Woolrich Mill

A Trip Inside the Legendary Woolrich Mill

In the early 19th century, a man by the name of John Rich II immigrated from Liverpool to the United States, set up shop alongside a pair of seemingly endless railroad tracks in rural Pennsylvania, and started a mill to make supplies for the local workforce. That was 186 years ago. Today, that mill is still in operation, and you’re no doubt familiar with the goods crafted there. Woolrich John Rich & Bros has a storied history and is known as the oldest outdoor company in America. To celebrate their heritage, the nearly 200 years of turning wool into durable, attractive, utilitarian goods, Woolrich collaborated with photographer Jackie Nickerson. Not only did Nickerson get a peek inside the legendary mill, but she was able to shoot some of Woolrich John Rich & Bros’ latest pieces. It’s a celebration of an environment as unique as the products created there.

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