The New 'Mad Max' Trailer is Insaneplay

The New 'Mad Max' Trailer is Insane

If the first couple of Mad Max: Fury Road trailers got you excited for the movie's May 15 release, the latest will have you waiting in line for tickets. The most revealing trailer yet highlights the Wild West dystopian feel George Miller so artfully crafted. And seeing as how ...

The Casper Mattress Is Engineered for Outrageous Comfort

The Casper Mattress Is Engineered for Outrageous Comfort

When you sleep soundly, you feel like you can conquer the world. So what if you could do that every night? You can with the Casper mattress, which has been obsessively engineered for outrageous comfort. The mattress, which is the most awarded mattress of the decade, will deliver the sleep you’ve been desperately craving by combining springy, hypoallergenic latex with high-density memory foam. You can even try the Casper mattress for 100 nights and return it for a full refund if you don’t love it. Plus, Cool Material readers can save $50 on the mattress with code CM50. It’s time to get better sleep.

Straight Outta Compton - Red Band Trailerplay

Straight Outta Compton - Red Band Trailer

If you were watching the Grammys last night, you might have caught a spot that looked like a McConaughey Lincoln commercial starring Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. If you sat through one minute and five seconds of it, however, you realized it was actually the first look at the N.W.A. biop...

House of Cards - Season 3 - Official Trailerplay

House of Cards - Season 3 - Official Trailer

Nothing like dropping a new trailer on the day your lead actor snags a Golden Globe. If the awkwardness at the end of the last season has worn off for you, it's time to dive back into the lives of the Underwood's. Here's your first look at what appears to be another tension-fille...

WIN THIS: A Case of Heady Topper

WIN THIS: A Case of Heady Topper

There are select beers that carry with them a certain mystique. These are beers that have launched road trips, online trading forums, and shady second-hand websites. The most legendary in this revered clan is Heady Topper, the Double IPA brewed by The Alchemist in Vermont. It was once the highest rated beer in the world and remains the bucket list brew for any beer lover. How can you get your hands on some? Well, you could make the trek to Vermont and pick up an allocation from The Alchemist or one of the select shops that have cans, or you could win this contest, because we’re giving away a whole freakin’ case. All you have to do is sign up for Hoppist, our new beer-related email newsletter. Every Friday, we’ll send you interesting news and stories from the world of beer, hot releases, and more. If you enjoy beer, it’s a win-win. Simply sign up before 5/29/17 to be entered. This contest is open to U.S. residents only who are 21+.

Click here to sign up and enter

Our Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Our Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

We might be in the heart of awards season, but that doesn't mean we can't get excited for the movies coming later this year. Open up your Google Calendar and start marking these down. Here are the films we're looking forward to the most in 2015. a.linkhiglight { background:...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Teaser Trailerplay

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Teaser Trailer

They put Jar Jar Binks in it! Okay, just messing around, but even if they did, you know you're still seeing it. So hold onto your drawers and try not to pitch a lightsaber, the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here. While you still have to wait a year until you can see...

American Sniper Trailer #1play

American Sniper Trailer #1

Chris Kyle was a Navy SEAL, and the most lethal sniper in American history with 160 confirmed kills. His autobiography, American Sniper, is a phenomenal book. Now, thanks to Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood and Jason Dean Hall, it's being turned into a movie of the same name. If th...

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Official Trailerplay

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Official Trailer

After a sneak peek a few weeks ago, we finally get to see more of Exodus: Gods and Kings, the next epic from Ridley Scott. Honestly, we'd see anything where Christian Bale teams up with such an incredible director, but couple that with the grand story of Moses and Ramses, and we...

Interstellar - Official Trailer #3play

Interstellar - Official Trailer #3

Normally, a third trailer for a movie would seem excessive, but we're so geeked for Interstellar that we'll gladly welcome as many trailers as they want to throw at us. In the latest one for the Christopher Nolan space flick, we get to see an otherworldly tidal wave, some sort ...

Inherent Vice - Official Trailer play

Inherent Vice - Official Trailer

How do you make a movie out of a Thomas Pynchon novel? We have no fucking clue, but it helps if you start with one of his more accessible books and you happen to be Paul Thomas Anderson. Based off the 2010 novel from Pynchon of the same name, Inherent Vice features Joaquin Phoen...

Kingsman: The Secret Service - Official Trailer #2play

Kingsman: The Secret Service - Official Trailer #2

If we told you an action movie was coming out starring Colin Firth, you'd have every right to be befuddled. Even though he's a tremendous actor, he's not exactly Liam Neeson or The Rock. We thought the same thing, and then we saw this trailer. We are very much on board for King...

Automata - Official Trailerplay

Automata - Official Trailer

Set in the year 2044, Automata deals with the ever popular idea of potentially sentient robots. And while that may be a stale idea, there are few films that actually do the grand idea justice (see: I, Robot). Based on the trailer alone, we're thinking Automata might be one of t...

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Official Trailerplay

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Official Trailer

To take on an epic, you'd best be equipped with an epic director and an epic actor or two. Exodus: Gods and Kings has both of these. From Ridley Scott, the film is based on the story of Moses (Christian Bale) rising up against Ramses (Joel Edgerton). It doesn't hit theaters until...

The Trailer for Chef Will Make You Hungryplay

The Trailer for Chef Will Make You Hungry

You know those movie theaters that serve you meals and let you drink a beer or two at our seat? Yeah, that's the kind of place you want to see Chef at. The movie focuses on Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) as he ditches the restaurant scene to serve up his own creations out of a f...