When it’s you against nature don’t let that punk nature win. Cold weather is no match for a prepared outdoorsman in a warm goose down vest with flannel lining. The Steven Alan Flannel Lined Down Vest doesn’t just get you ready for winter fashion, it prepares you for a cold winter in style.


Whether you’re trying to refine your archery skills or just get a leg up on the competition when it comes to office warfare, the BB Sniper mini crossbow from Uncommon Carry will fit the bill. Handmade out of stainless steel and equipped with a self-loading chamber, the BB Sniper is designed to hurl projectiles like toothpicks or mini BBs with surprising accuracy at a range of about 30-50 feet. Make sure to schedule some time for target practice because this addictive little crossbow can do some damage. Have fun, but avoid the sensitive areas.