Women of No Pants Subway Ride 2013

Once a year, for over 10 years, subway riders across the globe travel sans pants. This is not just a bunch of extremely hammered bar patrons (though, there probably are a few), these are willing participants in the annual Improv Everywhere No Pants Subway Ride. 2013 marked the 12th year of the “Man, it sure is breezy in here” event. For your pleasure, here are some of the ladies who took part in this year’s undie ride.

Photo Sources:
Alberto Reyes
EJP Photo
Instagram users: willcharles, edfcarrasco, mathhattan, astallone, barreradm1975, bigxay, joeypk12, nanacee814, jaimesamantha, phillyphresh, jbroadie91, kevvasquez, tkbarros15, laurenap9143, lucyjumper, missmojojojo333, reallyallyson, shr1mpch1p


  • tim12s

    Jeez, why not just tape mirrors to your shoes you sad fucking perverts. Women. In underwear. Just go fap to a Sears Catalogue.

  • Occean

    Shame….women in no pants is so much better in London

  • http://www.monsterpiggybank.com/ Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank

    This is great! I had no idea such an event existed.