Lose the Leather: 11 Unique Wallet Materials (+Giveaway)

Whether you’re a coffee or a Red Bull guy, a smoker or a gum chewer, a commuter or a driver, everyone needs something to get through the daily grind. All of those things require money, which means you need a money transportation device. Skip the standard leather wallets you’re used to and upgrade to one of these unconventional options.

This Hyundai sponsored post is about losing the leather and toting a more unconventional wallet. Thanks Hyundai!

Nooka AO

A multi-colored, silicone “wallet,” this Nooka option will keep your assets organized (hence the AO) with its expandable, yet comfortable design. It’s the cargo pants of wallets.

Recycled Billboard Banner Wallet

When was the last time you drove anywhere that a billboard didn’t almost cause you to crash? Put that same eye-catching ability to work for you with a Recycled Billboard Banner Wallet from NottyPooch.

DynomightyTyvek Wallet

Tyvek (the stuff that protects houses and airmail packages) meets clever art in every Dynomighty wallet. You end up with a an eco (and eco-nomically) conscious wallet that’s tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable, recyclable and emblazoned with Chicago’s L, $100 bills or even Dot Matrix printer paper.

Narwhal Recycled Tie Wallets

Since you’re officially business casual, a tie is probably the farthest thing from your mind, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the farthest thing from your pocket. Narwhal Co. recycles ties into fun, funky card holders, tie-folds and passport covers that will knot let you down.

Ragged Edge Kevlar Wallet

As utilitarian as it is interesting, the Ragged Edge Kevlar Wallet comes with all the pockets you need – including two hidden bonus pockets. It won’t stop bullets, but the hidden pockets will definitely stop unapproved shoe purchases.

Nau Billfold

Made of recycled polyester (potentially one of your dad’s suits), the Nau Billfold is the go-to choice for the International traveler. In a bind and need to safely stow an extra SIM card loaded with valuable data? You’re in luck Jason Bourne because there’s a slot just for that.

Jack Spade Cork Wallet

Wine might have gone screw top, but the best vintages still use cork. It’s durable, flexible and retains flavor better than other options. It only makes sense to turn it into a billfold and pair it with a leather interior.

Recycled Bank Money Bag Wallet

You might never be able to fill this vintage bank bag wallet with the amount of money it contained when it was just a bank bag, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome. Bonus points because it’s one of a kind and handmade.

Interrobang Seatbelt Wallet

Seatbelts prevent loss of life. Interrobang (think !? or ?!) prevents boredom. Combine the two of them and you have the conversation starting, cash loss preventing Interrobang Seatbelt Wallet.


Water resistant polymer available in card, cash, change and combination options that you can order in an almost confusingly large amount of color combinations.

Ooga – Neutra Prince Wallet

Much like you after quality time on your fixie, the Neutra Prince is slim, flexible and, honestly, quite rubbery. Which are all excellent qualities in an expandable, water resistant wallet crafted from recycled car inner tubes. Comes complete with road marking battle scars.

Hyundai, like any good sponsor, wants to give away something to their adoring fans. While it won’t be a car, it will be something you like. We can’t tell you what’s behind door #2, but we can tell you it’s one of the items on this list. Comment below (be creative) and we’ll pick a winner 2/21.
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Contest closed!

Congrats to Jim Hansen – winner of the Ooga Neutra Prince Wallet recycled wallet. Thanks again to Hyundai for sponsoring the post and contest.


  • Philip

    NOOKA is the best

  • Chris

    Had to go to the throne, but coolmaterial.com has gotten me hooked once again. I really like the Kevlar wallet. I play tennis and use Kevlar strings. Fuck yah cool material, you rock.

  • Jeff O

    There is one wallet style missing that I’d like to see… something along the lines of a “human” wallet. Not made of skin, per se, but maybe re-thinking the need to carry paper cash and plastic credit cards. A microchip implant in one’s hand, maybe?

  • Alan

    I Dig bifolds, and the dosh wallet looks the sickest next to the first one

  • JD

    Good stuff

  • Capnjoe

    I have actually made the last few wallets of mine, duck tape, tivec, one even had one of those little greeting card music chips in it. Im tired of people looking at me funny at the cash register because of my wallet. Let me be like everyone else and have a silicone wallet.

  • Leandro Ekman

    OK, this is my cool comment :-)
    I want a new wallet!


  • Stewart

    That Ooga watch is the cat’s pyjamas! I could use some rubber like that in my pocket!

  • Spencer

    These are great!

  • Steph Hargreaves

    I love cars!


  • sa3376

    I like the cork wallet

  • Jan D

    This is quite an assortment of unique wallets. I have to say if I were to choose one it would be the Nau.

  • john1lai

    Some great wallets which are great for the environment. Wonderful ideas!

  • gabriel smith

    I just got a stainless steel wallet but the cork and kevlar wallets are cool.

  • Kawaun Harvey

    Would really enjoy a new wallet right about now. thanks for the oppurunity. :)

  • Gaganjeet Singh

    All of theses wallets are crazyy innovative, just like the new Hyundai designs. Breaking out of the norm is awesome, I am glad to see something other than the other plain cars out there.

  • Craig Clarkson

    Environmental Friendly but unfortunately I bet my wife can still find the cash no matter where I put it inside the wallet. I will still take one. Great Designs.

  • http://randomnerd.tumblr.com Daniel Flores

    Hey can Hyundai hook me up with a wallet that I can page like my car alarm, I’ve been digging in this coach for hours.

  • Arturo Camacho


    If Hyundai fills the wallet with cash, i’ll fill it with cards… in the end we’ll both be happy campers ;D

  • Dan

    Damnit..I saw “Hyundai Giveaway” and got all excited. Give me a wallet, and I won’t hold it against you.

  • Ade

    Nice wallets…would make all ma receipts look nice lol we all know broke dude are in style in this recession

  • Laura Garmendia

    Interesting concept here…comments for a prize…and unusual ones at that!

  • Kyle

    I love the Dosh! And I need one because my wallet is being held together with tape!

  • coltonk

    These wallets are bad ass! Out of all the wallets I’ve seen (and had), these just take the cake!

  • Kevin

    my wallet is an envelope attached to a money clip! time to upgrade!

  • Patrick Sullivan

    So we have Hyundai giving out wallets and not cars, we have Kevlar and bank bag wallets(ironic?) and two wallets like they would be seen in the movie TRON. Something tells me that diversity is a key ingredient to this company’s success in ingenuity.

  • steven

    i need to save the earth

  • Drew Farrington

    totally digging the recycled tie wallets.

  • Greg

    i would love to know how they come up with some of these ideas. itd be sick to pull out such an original wallet instead of having a plain and boring wallet.

  • mmcq

    I’d buy the cork wallet. But I’d only use it when wearing my bark slacks and acorn lined p-coat. While boating.

  • Mike

    I’m tired of being embarrassed when pickpocketed. Help me out dosh

  • Ben

    as benjamin frankiln said “He that displays too often his wife and his wallet is in danger of having both of them borrowed.” Some of these wallets are so cool that they need to be shown off. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold on to it if I do happen to win :)

  • http://inthemaking Illestrator

    Reusable material AND smooth design?! Pinch me please. Not gonna lie, pretty surprised and impressed with the imaginative use of uncommon material. Plus, none of these are simple enough that I’d be able take the time acquire the materials to make myself. But, thank god you’re not trying to sell me a duct tape wallet. Maybe this will turn concept idea in a whole new direction. It’s the little things that count. First wallets, then who knows? furniture made from old car parts? tables made out of old books? maybe someday.

  • JB

    I have only owned two wallets since I have been an adult(camouflage Velcro wallets as a kid do not count as real wallets.) The first was given to me as a present for being a groomsman and the second I made myself out of duct tape. I had been thinking about getting a new one recently as my duct tape one is rather shabby looking. This last weekend I went out to a fancy restaurant with some friends and my new girlfriend. I picked up the check but was a bit embarrassed when I brought out my wallet to pay. I want that to never happen again so any help you can give me would definitely help build positive girlfriend faction!

  • http://2old2young2smart2dumb.tumblr.com Charlie

    Very cool collection of wallets. I am a big fan of the Nau Billfold – what a great design.

  • Judy Zerbe

    These wallets are awesome! Pick me!!

  • Matt Myers

    cool stuff! i love that it’s all recycled materials!

  • Krish

    If I got the Seatbelt Wallet.. I can say to my friends “My wallet saves lives, what can yours do?”


  • http://coolmaterial.com Tim Jacobsen

    Contest closed! Congrats to Jim Hansen – winner of the Ooga – Neutra Prince Wallet recycled wallet. Thanks again to Hyundai for sponsoring the post and contest.

  • Conrad

    Bonjour dommage que votre page ne soit pas en français, merci quand même