The Super Bowl vs. The Lingerie Bowl

We have no desire to see a row of defensive linemen in purchases from Victoria Secret. At the same time, we also have little desire to see beautiful women covered up with tons of padding. We can simultaneously love both The Super Bowl and The Lingerie Bowl albeit it for very different reasons. Besides the level of sexiness in the trenches, here are some of the other ways the two competitions differ.

Image by Jenni Chasteen


  • ArT

    Link to nip slip pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • John Harrison

    Yeah, I agree. Lingerie Bowl wins hands down, like a touch down with a soft landing. I wonder whether or not I can get all my exes lingerie gifts for Valentine’s Day, invite them down to the local park and try to pit them against each other. Nip slip a go go.