Complete History of the Batmobile: 1941-2010

Today we’re celebrating the new year by taking a look back at a complete visual history of the Batmobile, courtesy of the experts at



  • Joe Cool

    this is really cool, What about batman beyond???

  • James

    Nice list, and kinda comprehensive. Though, you are missing perhaps the MOST important Batmobile aside from the original.

    Where is Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” Batmobile? I mean, it was and still is THE Batman stories all others are judged by, and it’s Batmobile is nowhere to be seen.

    Moreover, Christopher Nolan has repeatedly said that Frank Millers Batmobile was the inspiration for his ‘Tumbler’. Everyone of these that look ‘tankish’ are based on Millers.

  • NAM

    Thank you James! That is exactly what i was thinking as I was scrolling down the list. I don’t understand how the creator of this list could leave out Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Batmobile!

  • john

    as james mentioned, one thing missing in the list is the batmobile from frank miller’s dark knight returns. i’d also add the following batmobiles:
    1) batmobile from frank miller’s dark knight strikes again
    2) from the elseworlds “holy terror” graphic novel
    3) mini-series “the cult” where the batmobile is a monster truck