GIVEAWAY: 2 Pairs Eskuche 45 DJ Headphones (CLOSED)

You just spent $300 on a new phone. You loaded it up with music and movies. Then, in an attempt to rock out, you plugged in the headphones that came with it, clicked play and realized they sucked. Who knows, maybe you didn’t even get that far because the headphones were too uncomfortable to leave in for more than 10 seconds. You need real headphones, and Eskuche has the perfect pair–the 45 DJs. Designed as DJ/studio monitors, these cans keep your music clear…even if you decide to turn it up to eleven. 40mm drivers, aluminum ear cups and rotatable ear cups round out the package on the pair of headphones we think is pretty close to perfect.

Giveaway Closed – Congrats Isaac S. and Rocio U.

If you decided to purchase the Eskuche 45 DJ Headphones in black or silver you’d be dropping $129, and it would be money well spent. Thanks to the people at Eskuche, two of you don’t have to spend a dime. One pair of Eskuche 45 DJ Headphones in black and one pair in silver will be randomly given to two people who do the following:

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3. Wait patiently. We’ll pick two winners 1/13.


  • yopichoi

    Never heard of this brand before, but I’m not expert on headphones either. If you say they are good, it must be true (:

  • Anne-Marie Lacharite

    I love Eskuche headphones, so simple and design. Totally my type!

  • Peter Ciambrone

    Id love me a set of those headphones.

  • Irina Ghinoiu

    uber kwl headfones 😀 they sound pretty amazing

  • Rfranco

    Sounds awesome. I’m in!

  • Andrew bechini

    Headphones please?!

  • Nolan

    Mi ‘scusi, mi scusi

  • Joy Q

    “Eskuche me, I didn’t get that, I was listening to my jam on these awesome headphones!”

  • MIkael Sachs

    Those headphones are amazing. I really want to win! Ces casques sont vraiment fantastiques!

  • Allison

    those look amazing. especially the silver…

  • Eric

    I love big headphones, they make my bulbous head seem smaller.

  • Chas

    I think I’ll photograph them on one of my models posing with a hot-rod over at even before I use them myself ~:0) VivaChas!

  • Dustin

    I would like to win that!

  • Adam H

    Nothing would be better than slipping a pair of these on to escape the world today.

  • juan

    love the design very clean

  • Kyle Jackson

    Totally boss! Lol

  • John

    Prove me wrong and make me realize that these bad boys are better than my Sennheisers (that I bought at a disturbingly close price as these Eskuches) please! 😀

  • Jerry tatro

    Exkuches me, the ball and chain made me delete my Facebook page ages ago. So have mercy on the guys who can no longer be tempted by strange on social networking sites. So I likey. Two thumbs up and a hells yeah cool material!!

  • Bojan

    I will be listening to this

  • Aaron

    These headphones look sweet

  • Matt

    Shiny shiny treasure!

  • Joe Stovall

    Awesome looking headphones. I’d bet the quality could o be matched.

  • Robert Fisher

    I need these headphones. Not just for the great sound, but to tune out the running commentary of life.

  • Arshish

    I want those!!!!

  • CRAusmus

    Nice phones. Would work well with my set up. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • rstewart

    Eskuche ROCKS! and I would love to be rocking these for my bday!

  • Rick Stewart

    Eskuche rocks and I would love to be rocking these sweet headphones for my bday!

  • Rick Stewart

    Eskuche rocks and I would love to be rocking these sweet headphones for my bday!!

  • Edan

    Dope headphones, would love some :)

  • Elvis Rowe

    Come on daddy needs a new set of cans!!

  • Dave

    I want to teach my kid what quality sound is. Hopefully in silver.

  • Karatamba

    NEED !! I love Eskuché, they rule as much as CM does !

  • Jay

    cant wait to listen to my beatz w/ these headphones!

  • Rick Stewart

    Eskuche rocks and I would love to rock these headphones for my birthday! Can’t beat the quality and design-PERFECTION!

  • Anton

    Actually did just buy a new phone – sweet headphones.



  • Shamyal Khan

    Hey! Pick this post randomly! (Please?)

  • Brooke Egger

    If these fit small ears, yay. Baggy boomers are seriously frustrating. The possibility of versatility lies within the ergonomics of the piece- these are beautiful!

  • Shubhankar

    Awesome giveaway, man! Love these. Lots of love – an avid visitor to your site from India [errr…sorry, typo in the earlier comment]

  • Kevin

    Definitely wouldn’t mind having a pair of these!

  • K


  • Douglas Picussa

    Will be mine

  • http://none Chris W

    I could so use a great set of headphones. Mine suck!

  • Eric

    I would LOVE to get one!!!

  • Tim c

    I want.

  • christopher kelter


  • alejandro G

    those are mine………..

  • Doug Schmidt

    What I want is my woman in nothing but these headphones!

  • Michael


  • Steve M

    gimme gimme……………