Facebook Introduces New Instagram Filters

With Facebook shelling out a cool billion for Instagram this week, we’d have to assume there will be some changes in store for the popular photo filtering app. While taking an artsy picture of an old typewriter and slapping a bit of “Walden” onto it might appeal to some, it may not be exactly what every Facebook fan is looking for. Here are a few filters we think would work well for the new crowd of users:


  • http://www.animhut.com/ Sri Ganesh.M

    Damn, i thought they started releasing filters, but this one is great. nice idea one true fact. seen many friends do same as it shown above.

  • http://smileyfor.eu/ Edan Hewitt

    Damn, I thought for a minute this was real

  • Baroness Rosa von Momoiro

    If these were real I’d laugh my ass off looking at how many people actually would turn their photos into one of these.