Everyday Carry: 1900-1920

It may not have been called “everyday carry,” but men have always had a selection of gear they traveled with on a daily basis. Obviously, the items themselves have evolved over time and others have been added as they’ve become popular. In this series, we’ll take a look back at some standard everyday carry of years gone by.

  • Walking Stick – Link
  • M1917 Revolver – Link
  • Heavy Gold Pocket Watch – Link
  • Cigarettes – Link
  • Lighter (Aka Pocket Lamp) – Link
  • Coins – Link
  • Bottle Opener – Link
  • Pocket Knife – Link
  • Key – Link
  • Gloves – Link
  • Fountain Pen – Link
  • Driving Goggles – Link

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  • http://www.brndbl.tumblr.com/ Ryan Donnell

    The glasses are very interesting looking.

  • Mark

    Love the steampunk glasses, the fountain pen link takes you to a phishing website!

  • rudeboi

    I wonder what it would look like today?

  • NC

    Unfortunately, I reckon it’d look a lot like an iPhone, and that’s about it.

  • PWe72

    I responded to this thread on another site…..same subject.
    Let’s see…..Casio Databank 150 wristwatch; pocket loupe; P-38 opener (45+ years old), USAF dogtag (56 years old) and 1/16″ allen wrench on loop w/keys; Pelikan ball pen & pencil set; Puma Junior pocket knife (42 years old);mints; Browning BDA380.
    Not too different.

  • EDCer

    Right on! Same shit we carry today!