7 New Apps You Should Know


Since new apps get released at an incredible rate, we figured it only fair to keep you abreast of the best. Stop sifting through all the terrible games and little life helpers to find some gems and break out your iPhone, iPad or Android device and get to downloading some of these guys.


Minuum Keyboard

This is a brilliant app that we assumed would suck. It doesn’t. Basically, Minuum gives you a much smaller keyboard display on your phone thus allowing you to see more of the screen. Of course if typing was impossible the whole thing would be pointless, but luckily the tiny keyboard works great and changes the whole look and feel of your device.  (Android)



With work to do and a huge Netflix queue to watch, we don’t have time to read lengthy articles. ReadQuick is a cool little app that teaches you to speed read. The nice part of the iOS app is the fact that it trains you with the actual things you want to read, not just pointless lessons.  (iOS)



You know that feeling when you install the latest update to one of your favorite apps and all of a sudden it’s the worst thing ever? Yeah, AppWererabbit is set to fix that. The app basically gives you a little undo button if you happen to want to revert back to the previous version of any app you’ve downloaded. No more worries about a developer changing that one little feature you love. (Android)



Prepare to waste lots and lots of your valuable time with this app. Rabt is a video curation app that brings you a customized feed of videos you’ll love. It’s also integrated with all your social media so you can share your new discoveries.  (iOS)



For the folks who like to put their iPhone down every once in a while and go enjoy the outdoors, there’s Yonder. The simple app helps you discover the best places around you to hike, kayak, and generally enjoy Mother Nature. The social functions are probably not needed, but the app is great for those who want to find the best the great outdoors has to offer without traveling all over the country. (iOS)


Studio Design

You know all those images online with inspirational text pasted over them? They have to start somewhere, right? Even if you aren’t making little positive memes, Studio Design allows you to get creative with your photos. With 500 free shapes, crops and fonts, Studio lets you work with with your photos and easily share them to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (iOS)



Sympler is an oddly addictive video editing app. It allows you to use your still photos, Instagram, Vine, and more to craft your own little movies. What really makes it unique is the emphasis on the soundtrack and the timing of your editing. Give it a shot and you’ll probably get addicted. (iOS)


  • MustangWolf

    This collection is one big mess of FAIL.

  • Dapper

    @MustangWolf:disqus ahh…. not really, the Minuum Keyboard is cool

  • bearballz

    (sigh) As usual, another app round up and only 2 Android apps… the rest IOS. The Fanboyism is strong on this site.

  • threeseed

    Why do you keep posting then you pathetic twit ?

    You do this EVERY SINGLE TIME. Nobody cares that you are an Android fanbitch.

  • Ragnobash

    I have an easy answer as to why there are not as many cool programs for Android as there are for IOS: Os Fragmentation. Last count, you need to test on about 6 IOs devices to make sure that they work correctly; when they do, you just upload to a single market. Andriod? I think the last count was well over 1000 different configurations to test on, and about 12 dozen differently run and maintained market places.

    It’s about about time, effort and money. you want to hit the most devices with the minimal of dev time devoted to debugging on different platforms.

  • Ragnobash

    Opps.. sorry for not attaching to the right thread.

  • Radar

    It’s like a radio. If you don’t like the music, change the station.

  • bearballz

    Obviously you care if you’re posting a response moron. Any good app break down should should cater to users of different platforms. Don’t hate IOS at all. But really, CM can only find 2 bloody apps to write about on the most used mobile platform on the planet.

    If you don’t like what I post don’t read the comments.

  • MustangWolf

    I understand that it is upsetting, however, it is representative of how many apps are released for each platform.

  • MustangWolf

    So you’re speaking from experience of having used it?

  • BCox

    IFTTT.. peep it

  • scottkrot

    lets face it, cool people have iphones, everyone else either cant afford it, or think they are special cus they have something different. end of discussion.

  • Fully472

    And again to that point: if you’re radio is too inferior to get all the stations, buy a new radio.

  • Pugsley

    No free trail is a killer for me. If i’m going to fork out money for something with such a high level of personal preference as a keyboard layout i would rather try before i buy. A 30 day free trial is all i would need.
    But none of these are apps i should really know about, Readquick was probably the most interesting of the lot. But wrong OS.

  • Mustangs are for frat boys

    You’re one big mess of fail

  • MustangWolf

    I agree—that’s why my name isn’t in reference to cars.

    Of course I have a number of people that agree with me on my opinion.

  • Unicorn eater

    Sympler is the sheeyaht

  • Saurus

    I liked it.