10 New Apps You Should Know


Since new apps get released at an incredible rate, we figured it only fair to keep you abreast of the best. Stop sifting through all the terrible games and little life helpers to find some gems and break out your iPhone or Android device and get to downloading some of these guys.


1. Kickstarter

Well this was a long time coming. The app isn’t perfect, but it is the best way to browse projects you want to back while on the go. Ideally, we’d like an easier way to browse the just launched projects, but overall, the app is clean and useful and will probably cost you a lot of money backing tons of campaigns you kinda like. iOS


2. Year Walk

We’ll admit that we don’t play a ton of games on our phones. We know a lot of people do, and while we hopped on the Words With Friends and Angry Birds bandwagons, we’ve played few others. Year Walk is not like other games, however. It’s beautiful, strange, and unlike anything you’ve ever played on your phone. It’s also the only game we know of that has a companion guide you can download as well. iOS


3. MoviePass

For a few months this was a buggy iPhone-only app. Now it’s fixed up and also available for Android. The basic idea is to save you money on going to see movies at the movie theater. You sign up, pay a fee, and get to see an unlimited number of movies. There are issues (not all theaters are available and you have to see about four movies a month to make it worthwhile), but if you’re a hardcore film buff, it’s a pretty sweet deal. iOS Android


4. Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Express didn’t exactly set the world on fire. The app was okay, but it wasn’t really like having Photoshop on your phone. Photoshop Touch is a big step forward. Sure you have a lot of photo editing apps to choose from, but the leader in picture manipulation sure makes a worthy case for having the best app now. iOS Android


5. Haze

It’s not like it’s difficult to find a decent weather app, but few work well and look as nice as Haze. Based on the different directions you swipe, Haze will display different bits of weather related info in a colorful, minimilist way. iOS


6. DrawQuest

This iPad app, which was developed by the founder of 4Chan, is simple and addicting. It challenges you to a different drawing challenge everyday. Go ahead and assume it’s for children, then download it and get sucked in. iOS


7. Carbon

We turn to Twitter for everything from breaking news to random comedic thoughts, and a good Twitter client is always something we’re on the hunt for. Carbon might just be our favorite one yet. It sports a very simple but stylish interface and it works nice and quick. Android


8. T3 Player

Where would we be without Dieter Rams? Well, there’s a good chance the iPhone you’re holding wouldn’t look nearly as cool (unless Steve Jobs really didn’t need someone to turn to for inspiration). The T3 Player is a beautifully designed music app that was inspired by the Braun genius. It’s got a clean interface, easy to use functions, and is a nice step up from your standard iPhone music player. iOS


9. Timbre

Timbre is an awesome way to discover new music. Instead of the endless browsing, Timbre simply plays music from bands performing in your area (or a location you set). Don’t like a song? Swipe to the next one. Find one you love? Go get tickets to the band’s upcoming show. iOS Android


10. Moves

Fitness tracking wristbands and clip-on gadgets are exploding right now. If you haven’t already invested in Nike FuelBand or a Fitbit, consider saving a bunch of money by just downloading Moves to your iPhone. The free app will keep track of your daily walking, cycling, and running. The downside is it will probably do some damage to your battery life, but if you’re cool with that, it will save you some cash. iOS


  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the app suggestions, Mike. I think I might give Year Walk, and Photoshop Touch tonight, once I get home from my shift at DISH; I have a lot of pictures that I would like to run through Photoshop! While I’m here, I would like to suggest a great free app. It’s called DISH Anywhere; I use it to stream my favorite live and recorded shows and movies to my phone. I bust that little baby out anytime I get stuck waiting on something; I went the DMV last week, but I didn’t really notice how long I was there because I was watching a movie.

  • Rob Lucas

    Cool. Now bring on the tablet apps!

  • Dave Bufka

    C’mon guys, out of the 10 apps only 4 are for Android!? Your fanboyism is worse than Uncrate’s. How about 2 separate lists, 1 for IOS and 1 for Android?
    Android’s only the morst popular mobile OS on the planet right now. Thought you guys were all about being ahead of the curve in terms of cool stuff for guys?

  • olwildbill

    Amen to that! Some of us like phones we can actually personalize…

  • http://twitter.com/FrankvanManen Frank van Manen

    This is not about the most popular OS. Besides, iOS has far more quality apps over Android. When we speak about the OS features, Android is the winner.

  • http://profiles.google.com/chad.walber Chad Walber

    Define far more quality apps? Are you saying number of apps that are of good quality and usability…. because that’s also Android. Are you talking about the percent of total quality apps in their respective app store/market? Nope that’s Android too… What’s your quality definition, whether or not it’s popular, because Android can’t win that one because a lot of apps have several REALLY GOOD alternatives out there that the Android populations might use. The only category where the iTunes store beats out the Android Market is in total number of apps… which makes sense considering that the iTunes store has been around longer.

  • fortyxtwo

    I would look into Snapseed if you’re into photo editing.

  • Ashon Langston

    Apple wins when it comes to developers. I like android but all my friends have iphones so I’m left out because the app is usually iphone only. That’s why Apple wins…developers get paid and they deal with one phone. My opinion correct me if I’m wrong. (seriously I wan’t to know the reason they won’t make apps for both – Android is a lot better now.

  • http://twitter.com/krylon john

    These are all phenomenally beautiful apps that are incredibly well
    designed from top to bottom and deserve to be singled out for how
    flawlessly they operate within a very narrow set of needs. That said:
    most people don’t have a narrow set of needs. I think T3 is charming
    but usually just use Spotify or the built in Music app. Haze is
    gorgeous but Wunderground shows me much more information. Year Walk is
    lovely but not really what most people would call a game – really more
    of an interactive story.

    All that said I really want to give Carbon and Timbre a shot and think there is a lot of interesting software being created for smartphones. I just wish more designers put solving a problem ahead of trying to make something that looked neat.

  • saruka

    Have you seen Vendly? Kinda like E-bay or Amazon, but you shop on your phone!

  • nodnarbyakcam

    Stop whining because your OS wasn’t very popular. They didn’t lean to iOS, its the apps they thought people should know about.

  • wayne

    Fuck war between apple and Samsung, IOS and Android!
    Let people do what they want! If there is a term for apple lovers like “apple fanboys” there is a term for the sooo good and awesome android and the users. My Lord… buy the product you are comfortable with and don’t judge people on products they buy. It is so annoying hearing nearly everyday that android is better because of..or IOS ist better because of…
    In the meantime there is definitely a term created for android users, not just because they behave exactly the same as “apple fanboys”. I introduce to the world: “android fanboys”. Considering the fact that there are “apple fanboys” and now “android fanboys” both factors getting to zero and none of them can say that they are better than the other side. So leave the “fanboys” alone. I may be that you are the same…
    Sorry for my lose.