As always, a new month means new movies and shows coming to Netflix. Also as always, we have some recommendations for how you should spend your streaming time. This April, get ready for some crime, space travel, comedy, and a few international movies you’ll probably need subtitles for.

Body of Lies

Available Now

Leonardo DiCaprio has a formidable filmography, and Body of Lies feels like it gets lost in it. With The Departed, Gangs of New York, Shutter Island, The Revenant, Wolf of Wall Street, and so many others you’ve already seen that we’re just being redundant at this point (and Blood Diamond, can’t forget Blood Diamond), something’s bound to get lost in the mass. But it’s a bit of a shame with Body of Lies, since the movie is a solid thriller with good acting and pacing and a some great support from Russell Crowe. Anyone who considers themselves a DiCaprio or Crowe fan owes it to themselves to catch this movie.


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It’s a shame that one of the most emotional and impactful moments in this movie has been turned into a meme, but such is existence in the age of the Internet. If you can look past the twisting of that line and watch Seven for what it is, which is a great, suspenseful, menacing police thriller, then you’ll have a much more rewarding time with the movie. Morgan Freeman turns in an understated performance that perfectly grounds the movie, while Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey’s turns have become something of a legend in film. And if you’ve somehow kept yourself from spoilers for the 21 years Seven has been out, you’re in for a great time.

Cats and Dogs

Available Now

We’ll admit it’s been a few years since we saw Cats and Dogs, but last time we watched it we were reasonably close to adulthood. As such, we trust our impression of the movie as one of those layered kids movies designed to keep adults entertained at the same time. Like when Jeff Goldblum essentially reprises his role in The Fly, except as the kid friendly version. And when it confirms our suspicions that cats truly are evil creatures and dogs are the only thing stopping them from becoming our totally not benevolent overlords.

The Lost Boys

Available Now

The Lost Boys might be one of those movies you’ve never watched, not out of dislike, but out of not having the chance. We didn’t see it make the jump from VHS to DVD the way some other 80s classics did, which also means it was rare on Blu-Ray for the eight months that format seemed to be relevant. If you are one of those people who hasn’t seen it, let us try and sell you on it. Basically, a vampire biker gang has taken over a small California coastal town and terrorizes the non-vampire population. You could kind of think of it as an adult Goonies.

Sun Dogs

April 6

Hopefully we’re not getting political when we say some people went a little hard with post-9/11 anti-terror. That’s a sentence that’s easily misconstrued, so let us explain a little better. If you were forming a civilian anti-terror unit soon after the attacks, you were overextending yourself. Rest assured, the government was on it. Sun Dogs takes a humorous look at that over reaction, following two people and their attempt to secure the homefront after taking a Marine recruiter’s advice far too seriously. Expect some people to get insulted by the movie, but we think there’s enough distance that we can laugh at certain aspects of the early 2000s.

The 4th Company

April 6

Mexican organized crime is wildly interesting, and any story that features it is already going to be on our radar. The 4th Company is a Spanish language film that deals with a young inmates time in a penitentiary. All the guy really wants to do with his time on the inside is play American football, but soon after he joins the team, he finds they’re also the enforcement squad for corruption in the prison. It’s a disillusioning moment for a young man, who then has to decide if how much he’s going to resist the pull of the lifestyle he finds on the inside.

24 Hours to Live

April 7

This pick is one of optimism. This could easily be a bad movie, but it looks enough like Ethan Hawke’s version of John Wick that it may hit some of the same entertainment value of Keanu Reeves’ masterpiece. Which would essentially make it an action movie you don’t have to think about too hard. Just turn your brain off and enjoy the spectacle. That’s what we’re hoping for here. Especially since it’s from the producers of John Wick. We know that’s not the same as the writers or director, but it has to carry something over, right?

I Am Not An Easy Man

April 13

It’s alway fun to watch a self-proclaimed ladies’ man get what’s coming to him. I Am Not An Easy Man plays with that idea, dropping a chauvinist into a world dominated entirely by women. We’ve heard plenty of guys in pop culture and real life talk about how that’s one of their ultimate fantasies, but we’ve actually met women and the ones we know won’t roll over as soon as a man walks in the room. As you’d expect, neither do the women in I Am Not An Easy Man. It’s not out yet, so we don’t know the ending, but we’re thinking the guy doesn’t get any bit of what he wants. You know, since he’s a dick.

Lost in Space

April 13

There have been a few other Lost in Space titles through the years, and this is Netflix’s original entry into the tradition. From what we can tell, it doesn’t look to be a direct remake of anything that’s come before, though it retains the Robinson Crusoe references and the general idea of being lost in space. You have your colonization, alien life, deception, danger, and everything you’d want in a modern update to an old series. This also marks the title’s return to a proper series, like the popular show from a few decades ago, which should allow them to explore more of modern space travels theoretical future.

Bill Nye: Science Guy

April 25

Bill Nye: Science Guy isn’t the standard Bill Nye educational stuff you’re used to. Instead, this is a documentary that follows him as he tries to restore scientific thinking to what he sees as its rightful place in society. Nye and other scientists or science professionals like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Ann Druyan have identified a demphasizing and distrust of science in areas it should be encourage. Some schools, governments, and families have begun turning against established knowledge, believing they know better or, worse, that science somehow trying to dupe them. It’s a dangerous notion and this documentary looks to directly counter it.

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