Amazon Prime subscribers will note highly anticipated returns of some excellent original content (See: Goliath), as well as the addition of some excellent new indie stuff, some acclaimed box office hits, and some beloved classics—all under one roof this month. We’re hype, to say the least. Here are the 9 best titles coming to Amazon Prime Streaming in June:

The Disaster Artist

June 1

How do you take the hands-down worst film ever made and make it into something extraordinary? Well, we guess you’d have to ask James Franco, the director and star of The Disaster Artist. The film tells the real-life story of writer/director/actor/super weird guy Tommy Wiseau, and how when his acting career failed to take off the way he wanted it to, he decided to write, direct, star, and bankroll his own film, The Room. No, really, The Room is such an awful cinematic undertaking that James Franco decided to team up with his brother Dave and longtime collaborator Seth Rogen to actually tell its story. Ironically enough, The Disaster Artist has a 91% rating on, was nominated for an academy award for its awesome screenplay, and actually won several awards, including a Critics’ Choice Award and Golden Globe Award.

The Young Karl Marx

June 1

The Young Karl Marx is a children’s film about a golden Lab who learns how to play soccer. Just kidding; it’s about the life of Karl Marx (August Diehl), his famous introduction to Friedrich Engels (Stefan Konarske), and how, together, they rewrote the way the world viewed workers, management, the means of production, and the people who keep the trains running on time. Political predispositions aside, it’s a very beautifully shot and wonderfully acted portrayal of two men who left an indelible mark on the world—for better or worse, all before the age of thirty.

All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks

June 1

The New Zealand All Blacks are one of the undisputed biggest and baddest rugby teams in the world. Their history in the sport is unrivaled, and to be a member of such a historic team is the kind of thing boys grow up dreaming of. Their story and training methods have been a closely guarded secret, until now. All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks is an Amazon Original documentary series that takes an in-depth and never-before-seen look at the team on and off the field to examine what, exactly, it takes to be a member of one of the toughest rugby teams on the planet.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

June 1

Hear us out… Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is hands-down one of the craziest films we’ve ever seen. It stars Nicholas Cage as Terence McDonagh, a drug-addled gambling addict and detective in post-Katrina New Orleans, tasked with investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants. Viewers are taken on an absurd ride through the bloodshot eyes of a man addicted to cocaine and painkillers, as he manages a relationship with a drug-addicted prostitute girlfriend, loan sharks, gangsters, and cops trying to get in the way of his good time. This will probably be your favorite movie, if it isn’t already.

Event Horizon

June 1

We remember first seeing Event Horizon when we were a lot younger and a lot more impressionable, but to this day, it’s probably one of the gnarliest, most terrifying movies we’ve ever seen. This sci-fi/horror film is about a spacecraft called Event Horizon, designed and piloted by Dr. William Weird (Sam Neill) to explore the outer reaches of space. The ship uses a transport mechanism that essentially creates a black hole for the ship to travel long distances in just a few seconds. The ship goes inexplicably missing on one such journey, only to show up seven years later, somewhere near Neptune’s outer orbit, and in need of help. When the rescue team arrives, they learn that the Event Horizon and its crew have been to the depths of hell and back—and they’ve brought guests back with them.

Lady Bird

June 3

This indie hit stars Saoirse Ronan as Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, a teenager growing up in Sacramento, California, who, like most young adults from small-ish suburban towns, yearns to be closer to where things are happening. Laurie Metcalf co-stars as Marion, Lady Bird’s mom, a strong-willed and loving nurse who’s just trying to keep her family and house afloat after her husband Larry (Tracy Letts) loses his job. It’s a beautiful look at some of the more charming follies of youth, as well as at the way our families and homes shape us into the adults we eventually become.


June 9

Jason Momoa, of Game of Thrones fame, plays Joe Braven, a father who embarks on a weekend away at his family’s remote hunting cabin with his daughter Stephanie (Jill Wagner) and father (Stephen Lang), only to discover something’s not quite right. Their quiet cabin has been turned into a makeshift hideaway for some large-scale heroin dealers, and when the criminals return for the drugs they left behind, all hell breaks loose in this kill-or-be-killed tale of survival.

Goliath Season 2

June 15

Billy Bob Thornton is an actor whose work we trust no matter where we see it, which is why we were excited to learn the second season of his Amazon Video Original Goliath will also be coming to the streaming network in June. In Goliath, Thornton plays Billy McBride, a successful attorney who loses his footing (and his mind) after a murder suspect he helps get acquitted on a silly technicality goes on to kill an entire family of people. Goliath is the ultimate tale of redemption, in which a disgraced attorney gets his life back one hard-fought lesson at a time.

Shutter Island

June 26

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio team up yet again in this adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel of the same name. DiCaprio plays the role of Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels, who along with his partner Chuck (Mark Ruffalo) is tasked to investigate the disappearance of Rachel Solando (Emily Mortimer), a patient at nearby Shutter Island, a water-bound mental hospital for the criminally insane. However, as Teddy digs deeper into the asylum and its inmates, he himself gets drawn deep into the folds. Teddy must figure out what’s happening on the island—and to the inmates kept there—before he himself gets in too deep to get out.

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