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Hot off a “best new product award” win for technology at the World of Coffee event in Budapest is a new Norwegian coffee roaster that you’re absolutely going to want to put on your counter top. What started as a 1kg home roaster developed during a master’s program in mechanical engineering has evolved into the RØST Coffee Roaster, a sample coffee roaster capable of perfectly roasting up to 100g of your favorite beans in a home setting. By mixing the best aspects of both a drum and fluid bed roaster the team created a patent-pending machine that all but guarantees a delicious roast and gives you the freedom to experiment along the way. The sleek and stylish machine features touchscreen and knob controls on the device itself, along with WiFi and an app for remote monitoring. Using either automatic profiles or manual control you can adjust bean temperature, environment temperature, gas or fan power and time. If you’ve already mastered the coffee grind and discovered your favorite brew method, it’s time to tackle roasting your own.


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