Goods: Not Your Dad's Wallet

Goods: Not Your Dad’s Wallet


The days of boring bi & tri-fold wallets are over. Money holsters are getting smaller, more innovative and generally more awesome than their forefathers. Ready to upgrade? Here are some solid picks to get you started.

1. Obtainium Wallet – $199

2. Flip n’Grip Wallet – $99

3. Slim Wallet – $50

4. The Front Pocket Wallet – $50

5. TGT Wallet – $23+

6. Supr Wallet – $25+

7. Vintage Leather Rawlings Glove Wallet – $150

8. The Moneywrap – $57

9. DISSIDENT Wallet – $114

10. Cobra Wallet – $39+

11. Walnut Wood Wallet – $45

12. The Fold – $95+

13. Stainless Steel Bill Fold Wallet – $65

14. Consoliwallet – $25

ZYX Flask ZYX Flask

The flask, by nature, is a clandestine item. It slips in and out of interior suit pockets on the sly. Why not bring an added dose of covertness to the whole ordeal with this All Black ZYX Flask. The stainless steel flask sports a mysterious motif that’s supported by the alphabet being curiously printed in reverse on the front. Each All Black ZYX Flask holds 6 ounces of the good stuff. If an MI6 agent were to take a swig on the job, we like to imagine this would be his flask of choice.

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