Goods: Not Your Dad's Wallet

Goods: Not Your Dad’s Wallet


The days of boring bi & tri-fold wallets are over. Money holsters are getting smaller, more innovative and generally more awesome than their forefathers. Ready to upgrade? Here are some solid picks to get you started.

1. Obtainium Wallet – $199

2. Flip n’Grip Wallet – $99

3. Slim Wallet – $50

4. The Front Pocket Wallet – $50

5. TGT Wallet – $23+

6. Supr Wallet – $25+

7. Vintage Leather Rawlings Glove Wallet – $150

8. The Moneywrap – $57

9. DISSIDENT Wallet – $114

10. Cobra Wallet – $39+

11. Walnut Wood Wallet – $45

12. The Fold – $95+

13. Stainless Steel Bill Fold Wallet – $65

14. Consoliwallet – $25

The Mother of All Tactical Pens? The Mother of All Tactical Pens?
The Mother of All Tactical Pens? PARTNER

Every tactical gear manufacturer offers something in the way of a tactical pen, but they’re not all as robust as the TriTac from StatGear. It’s engineered from aircraft grade aluminum with an ergonomic grip and bolt action pen lever, and the included Fisher Space Pen ink can write in all types of conditions, from a light drizzle to a stint in space. Obviously, no tactical pen is complete without a carbide window punch, but the TriTac goes above and beyond, adding a 440C stainless steel, razor sharp blade.

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