Goods: Not Your Dad's Wallet

Goods: Not Your Dad’s Wallet


The days of boring bi & tri-fold wallets are over. Money holsters are getting smaller, more innovative and generally more awesome than their forefathers. Ready to upgrade? Here are some solid picks to get you started.

1. Obtainium Wallet – $199

2. Flip n’Grip Wallet – $99

3. Slim Wallet – $50

4. The Front Pocket Wallet – $50

5. TGT Wallet – $23+

6. Supr Wallet – $25+

7. Vintage Leather Rawlings Glove Wallet – $150

8. The Moneywrap – $57

9. DISSIDENT Wallet – $114

10. Cobra Wallet – $39+

11. Walnut Wood Wallet – $45

12. The Fold – $95+

13. Stainless Steel Bill Fold Wallet – $65

14. Consoliwallet – $25

Distil Union Bifold Wallet Distil Union Bifold Wallet
Distil Union Bifold Wallet PARTNER

We’re not sure when the whole carry your wallet in your back pocket thing started, but we’re not big fans. Not only does it make it easier for pickpockets to swipe your cards and cash, but sitting on a wallet all day isn’t exactly what we’d call “comfortable.” That’s why we endorse the front-pocket wallet, and few versions are smarter and sleeker than the Wally Bifold. The Wally Bifold is a wallet distilled to the essentials. By eliminating unnecessary bulk, Distil Union crafted the Wally Bifold to hold as much as your standard bifold—up to 12 cards and 30 bills—but in a package that slips easily into the front pocket of your jeans.

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