Often, the people creating something for the public insulate themselves from those they are trying to impress. This can lead to unexpectedly poor reviews. It happens with movies, music, and, yes, even booze. WhistlePig nipped that problem in the bud. For its latest release, FarmStock Rye 002, WhistlePig worked with 500 bartenders, influencers, and consumers to make sure the hooch nailed what the people wanted. Ask and it will be given to you, right? The final rye whiskey is composed of 32% 2-year aged Triple Terroir, 45% 6-year aged whiskey from Indiana, and 23% 10-year aged whiskey from Canada, as this allows a young estate like WhistlePig to gain the developed character of an older whiskey. As huge fans of WhistlePig, we hope to be numbers 501, 502, and so forth.


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