Toast Ale Is Brewed With Surplus Bread

Toast Ale Is Brewed With Surplus Bread


In an effort to combat food waste and make delicious beer in the process, Toast Ale is brewed with surplus bread. Founded in the UK by author and international food waste activist Tristram Stuart, Toast Ale takes fresh, surplus bread and uses it to create an incredibly drinkable Pale Ale that even professional chefs ranging from Dan Barber to Jamie Oliver find delicious. Why make beer with surplus bread? 44% of all bread produced goes directly from the oven to the landfill. In addition to being a tragedy for anyone that needs something to eat or just loves carbs, this creates additional transportation, labor and fuel costs for tons of bread that no one gets to eat. Toast Ale also pours 100% of profits from the beer into charities fighting food waste. Toast Ale is currently raising funds on Indiegogo to bring their operation to the United States. They’re slated to start brewing an American Pale Ale on July 4 if everything goes according to plan.

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