Current Obsession: Rock Band Logos

It was usually around 10 minutes into class when your teacher started waxing poetic on the Pythagorean theorem that you started sketching rock band logos in your notebook. Suddenly the bell would ring and you’d realize you listened to absolutely nothing during class and had a composition book full of doodles. Ah, learning. Here are some of the classics you might have etched into an old notebook somewhere.


  • Luis Coutinho

    This also one of my passions! I think you’ll love this book: “BAND ID – The Ultimate Book of Band Logos” by Bodhi Oser. I have this book and recommend it!

  • fts5000

    the kinx?

  • dh_baldwin

    You forgot Ratt. Stunning oversight.

  • Alfred

    Where is Sepultura ?

  • TrollStomperBoots

    Ummm… not so much.
    You’ll note none of the other bands are 1 hit wonders or as short lived, like Ratt

  • TrollStomperBoots

    Yeah. That’s a SERIOUS fukkup by the author.
    The Kinx are a Kinks cover band!

  • blkadder

    Hmm, quite a toss up here. I love the Metallica logo, but I am an Iron Maiden fan from way back.

  • Kulture Moto

    Tout est là, il manque juste The Rolling Stones.

  • Sinnister

    Savatage and King’s X, BÖC.