So you’ve checked out Cool Material and know you know what men really want… but do you know what they need to know, or have you learned the art of being manly? We’ve put together a list of cool websites every guy should know about.


For All Mankind

If you’ve already seen the most beautiful women in the world list and would rather see Mug Shot Hotties anyway, then Asylum is the website for you. Filled with tons of funny galleries, weird news stories, and other cool stuff, Asylum delivers truly unique content for men with interesting taste.


Fill your life with adventure with very little effort required on your part. Thrillist keeps you in the know about where to go. Stay on top of dining, drinks, nightlife, entertainment and gadgets that fit your lifestyle. Get on the daily email list and get exclusive info on cities like Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Miami and more. Find stuff that no one knows about (we’re talking absinthe and secret passages kind of exclusivity) and experience the best your city has to offer at your own leisure.

Man Helper

An Online Men’s Magazine

Looking for a magazine for guys with as many sex tips as Cosmo, but none of the boring emotions? That’d be ManHelper. The website certainly covers the other big important life topics like Finance and Health, and they definitely don’t skimp on advice about Dating and Sex. Great advice that covers how to meet women, how to flirt while texting, and of course the how to know the right time to make your move. And don’t miss the featured models section full of beautiful faces (among other parts).

Just a Guy Thing

Building a Better Man

Stay on top of all things manly at Just a Guy Thing. Follow strange and interesting news stories and get new photos of the world’s sexiest women and read up on interesting hobbies and how to’s, like How to Hustle Pool. Check out the site for more life lessons, dating and sex tips, and entertainment news for men.


The Weekly Magazine for Guys Who Want to Be Better Men

Primer isn’t just another Men’s magazine, the writers understand what it’s like to be a real guy, not some rich punk who already has it all. They write for the average guy who’s seeking to become a better man. You won’t just find the same low brow stuff usually aimed at guys. Primer is full of inspiring and helpful articles like Defying the 9 to 5: The Struggle to be a Creative Man or Clear-cut signs you’re dating the wrong girl.

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness brings back the confidence and finesse that comes with being truly manly. The regular column “So You Want My Job” offers insight into manly jobs like Private Investigator, Pro Golfer, and Firefighter. You’ll find an abundance of great advice to handle difficult situations, such as how to weather a break-up like a man. You can also learn important skills every gentleman should know, like how to make a perfect martini.


What Men Need to Know

Find out everything you need to know from what video games to pick up to what websites are worth checking out, and of course, get some goold
ol’ fashioned manducation. On top of all of that Ploomy is actually a great source of life tips, such as Tips to Help You Get Your Swagger Back and A Practical Guide to Office Romance.

Urban Daddy

From LA to Boston, or New York to Las Vegas, Urban Daddy hooks you up with everything you need to know for Urban living. Check out Chicago’s nightlife scene and learn about the Naked Girls Reading event (yes, it’s what it sounds like), or the Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami. Stay on top of the best clubs, bars, restaurants and events, and even get a few perks courtesy of Urban Daddy. Sign up for free daily email and get the intel on ourtagous hot spots, Anna Kournikova’s idea of a sexy date, and a glimpse at some of the world’s most amazing destinations.

The Bachelor Guy

…beacause someone’s gotta tell you these things.

Bachelors are generally seen as laid back cool guys, so it makes sense that The Bachelor Guy takes on a casual cool tone. Don’t be fooled by the name because the essence of a Bachelor Guy doesn’t rely on being single, but men who aspire to get what they want and live life to the fullest. Covering a wide range of topics like sports, gear, drinks, cars and of course, how to impress the ladies, you’ll find everything you need to know about living the good life as a bachelor. You’ll also find no shortage of great advice or funny articles.


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