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These are Not Your Average Pencils

These are Not Your Average Pencils

More often than not you’ll find us taking notes, jotting down ideas and scribbling with a pen or a marker, but there’s something to be said for going truly old school. While the most significant difference between the pencil and other writing implements is it’s easily erased, it’s also better suited for shading sketches, construction projects and light markings. Unlike the pencils you grew up using to fill in test bubbles, pass notes and doodle during lunch, these pencils are anything but average.

The Six Mile Pencil (Four Pack)

Launched out of the UK with a successful Kickstarter a few years back The Six Mile Pencil from Lyon&Lyon is a simple writing tool designed to encourage you to write, draw, doodle and get back in touch with the low tech. The average pencil contains about 6 miles of graphite, and this brightly colored pencil uses indices on the side to make the distance you’ve traveled through all of your creations. Whether you’re doodling on printouts during a meeting or using it with some quality stationery, The Six Mile Pencil will encourage you to keep creating. $13

Mitsubishi Pencil Company 9850 Pencils (12 Pack)

Established in the late 1800’s, The Mitsubishi Pencil Company (no association with the car manufacturer) grew to be a worldwide leader in pencils and pens (they make Uni-ball and Uni pens) thanks to their focus on both form and function. The Mitsubishi 9850 has achieved cult classic status throughout the pencil community with its absurd build quality and attention to detail. The lead writes a little darker as it glides across the page. The eraser actually works without smearing or cracking. The lacquer is downright gorgeous. This pencil will make you want to write more. $19

Caran d’Ache Bicolor 999 Red/Blue Pencil

The fine folks from Caran d’Ache put a ton of  work into engineering and designing their Swiss made markup marvel, but what’s going to draw your eye is the two different colored leads of the pencil. If you’re interested in a dual color pencil, you won’t do better than the extra rich colors, the extra soft core and the water-soluble Caran d’Ache Bicolor 999 Red/Blue Pencil. $3

Backyards and Gardens of Portugal Scented Pencils (Six Pack)

Viarco is Portugal’s only pencil factory and they’ve been quietly innovating for more than a century. The Quintais e Jardins de Portugal (The Backyards and Gardens of Portugal) pencils are classic cedar creations from Viarco that get a nod to their birthplace by being imbued with the scents of the Portuguese landscape. The pencils are available in Figueira (Fig), Jasmin, Lirio de Campo (Lily of the Valley), Peonia (Peony) and Flor de Laranjeira (Orange Blossom) to make the process of committing ideas to paper even more enjoyable. $10

Midori Bullet Pencil Holder

Leave it to the Japanese to take a classic American product like the bullet pencil and make it better. The Midori Bullet Pencil Holder is designed and built to be a compact pencil you can carry with you anywhere without having to worry about it breaking, poking holes in your pants or scratching stuff in your backpack. When you’re ready to write, pull of the tip of the “bullet” to reveal the wooden HB pencil and then put it in backwards to have a full-size writing implement. $15

Ruler Pencil (Two Pack)

The shaft of a pencil is generally used for branding purposes or clever sayings. The Ruler Pencil uses that space for approximately six inches of measuring ruler on one side and centimeters on the other. Measuring twice and cutting once isn’t exactly all that easy when your ruler and your marking device are the same, so this pencil’s not going to build any houses or anything, but for measurements on the fly, it’s perfect. $5

Palomino Blackwing Pencils (Twelve Pack)

Genuine California incense cedar. Soft and smooth Japanese graphite core. Unique ferrule and brush style eraser (with replacements available in three different colors). The Blackwing pencil was purpose built for creative types and was so popular among writers, artists and musicians that it was fetching forty bucks a pop when it was discontinued. The unique, brush-like pencil is back, better than ever and just waiting for you to create something great with it. $23

Draplin Design Company “Build Something” Carpenter Pencil

If you’ve spent any amount of time building or fixing anything, you’re probably familiar with the traditional carpenter pencil. Draplin Design Company takes it up a notch (as they’ve been known to do) with their version, the “Build Something” Carpenter Pencil, available in bright orange or yellow. Its rectangular shape limits rolling and the angled edges ensure you get a great grip when you’re marking that next cut–even if you’re already covered in saw dust. $3

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