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Timex T80 x Space Invaders Retro Watch

Timex T80 x Space Invaders Retro Watch

Need a healthy dose of video game nostalgia? Watch brand Timex has teamed up with video game company Taito to release a limited edition retro Space Invaders watch. The Timex T80 x Space Invaders features the classic pixel artwork from the original arcade game along with the original sound effects. And, as you’d expect from Timex, this classic watch includes the traditional features of the T80 like the green-gray LCD screen, a 24-hour chronograph with lap and split times, and the calendar display with day/month/date functions. Plus, while we wouldn’t recommend taking it for a swim, the T80 x Space Invaders watch is water-resistant to 30 meters. The watch is available for pre-order in three finishes — Stainless Steel, Gold, and Black — with watches releasing on Oct. 26th.

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