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The Best Watch Box For Every Type of Collection

The Best Watch Box For Every Type of Collection

Collections tend to quietly build up on you when it comes to things like wallets, sneakers, and watches. Thankfully, wallets can easily be stuffed in a drawer until they’re ready to use and new sneaker shelves are easy to install. But when it comes to your handsome set of watches, you want those on full display. And that’s where the right watch box (or watch case) comes in.

Are Watch Boxes Worth It?

Honestly, that depends entirely on you and the size of your collection. If you’re only wearing one watch on the regular, you’re probably fine with just a watch winder to keep the time when you’re not wearing it. But once you start expanding your collection to three or four quality timepieces, it’s time to upgrade from setting them on the nightstand or dresser.

What Is the Point of a Watch Box?

First and foremost, watch cases protect your (possibly significant) investment into your collection. But a watch box does so much more than that. The best watch boxes have a little window at the top that acts as both a functional view into what you own so you can easily pick one out with just a glance, but also serves as a display case for all who happen to pass.

The Best Watch Boxes For Men


For the Ultimate Multi-purpose Display Case: Holme & Hatfield Watch Box Organizer

This Holme & Hatfield Watch Box Organizer is primarily a four watch display piece. It has four upper posts designed to display timepieces of the highest caliber under removable glass, with a drawer below for shades, important documents (like a passport), and cufflinks. If you only have a couple of watches to display, this is the perfect way to do it while also giving you some storage space for other essentials.


  • Size: 4.5 inches deep, 13.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches high
  • Color: Walnut
  • Material: Wood
  • Extras: One all-purpose drawer
  • Number of watch compartments: Four

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For Large Watch Collections: Bewishome 20 Slot Watch Box Organizer

If you’re the type of guy who gets at least one watch every time a birthday or holiday comes around, then you’ll need something with a lot of holding capacity. This 20 slot luxury watch case has a dark wood engineered veneer that contrasts great with the black, faux-leather watch pillows. Most importantly, every single watch on the top level shines gorgeously through the upper glass.


  • Size: 7.83 inches deep, 11.73 inches wide, 5.59 inches high
  • Materials: Engineered wood, faux leather, glass
  • Number of watch compartments: 20

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For a Stylish All-Wood Display: Analog/Shift Flatiron II Watch Box

The Flatiron II Watch Box is a super stylish, raw wood display that’s perfect for a handful of watches (topping out at five) that’s designed to showcase your wristwatches while keeping them easily accessible for when you need them.


  • Size: 14.38 inches long, 5 inches wide, 3.38 inches high
  • Material: Solid maple wood with cork and khaki cotton canvas lining
  • Extras: Gold hardware, knurled puller, and gold foil logo
  • Number of watch compartments: Five

Buy Now $325

For a Modern Metal Watch Box That Matches Your Toolbox: Wind Up Watch Shop Tool Watch Box

Looking for a watch storage system inspired by the classic red toolboxes you’ve grown to know and love? This is it. Satisfyingly rugged yet luxuriously appointed, this 12-watch case displays all your timepieces gloriously while protecting them in utilitarian style.


  • Size: 13.25 inches long x 7 inches wide x 4.25 inches high
  • Materials: Steel, glass, wood, fabric
  • Max watch width: 48mm
  • Number of watch compartments: 12

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For a Minimalist Watch Box to Travel With: Shinola Travel Watch Case

You won’t find a better travel case on the market that is protective and doesn’t take too much space. The only tough decision to make is what you’re wearing and what you’re protecting in this sweet leather-bound, suede-lined case.


  • Size:6.5 inches high, 3.25 inches wide, 1.13 inches deep
  • Materials: Leather outside with black tech suede lined interior
  • Extras: Double-sided flap partition, zip around enclosure, and snaps to secure watches
  • Number of watch compartments: Two

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For a Watch Box That Matches Your Luggage: Rimowa Limited Edition Watch Case

Sure everything from Rimowa comes at a premium price, but it’s a high price for good reason. Watch storage is akin to luggage in that you have prized cargo you want to protect, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this luggage company also makes one hell of a watch box in the Rimowa Aluminum Watch Case. Yes, it’s insanely overbuilt. Yes, it’s incredibly expensive. And yet, with this kind of build-quality and detailing — especially if you’re displaying high end watches — it’s a bargain for the features you get.


  • Size: 4.41 inches high, 10.51 inches tall, 3.35 inches deep
  • Materials: Anodised aluminium outside, microfiber inside
  • Number of watch compartments: Three
Buy Now $2,470
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