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TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Smartwatch

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Smartwatch

As great as the Apple Watch is in terms of functionality and tech, no one will call it beautiful even in super-pricey Hermès guise. TAG Heuer wants to change all that (and more) with the new Connected Calibre E4 watch that looks like a traditional analog timepiece and also comes with the added bonus of having a replaceable rechargeable battery. This effectively extends the life of the watch well beyond its sales life. The 42mm (or 45mm) smartwatch will provide a full day of use, including a 5-hour golf outing. It runs on Google Wear OS2 but will get an upgrade to OS 3 later this year. TAG Heuer also says the E4 will work seamlessly with iPhones, a huge plus. The E4 has features like enhanced fitness tracking, guided workouts, heart rate, GPS, sleep tracking, and all manner of useful daily apps. Choose between a 316L stainless steel or a lightweight titanium case, as well as leather or steel bracelet options.

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