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The Shinola Runwell Field Watch Is a Reminder to Slow Down and Appreciate What Matters

The Shinola Runwell Field Watch Is a Reminder to Slow Down and Appreciate What Matters

Do you know what watches remind me of these days? NBA centers. Hear me out.

No longer can a center punish an opposing team down low. That forced centers to adjust to the point where, today, NBA players — centers included — need to be able to shoot from beyond the stripe.

Watches have similarly evolved with the times. Pre smartphones, wristwatches were the dominate way to track time. Now that once dominant device has adjusted to the new realities of life, becoming a piece of fashion and a reminder of when life was simpler. For me, that’s the limited edition Shinola Runwell Field Watch.

The Shinola brand is Detroit — a working-class city that shifted its assembly lines during WWII to make 368,000 vehicles, planes and parts in less than four years. Shinola signifies hard work, a blue-collar attitude and a reminder to answer only the calls worth fighting for.


Inspired by Detroit’s resilience and innovation, Shinola created the special edition Runwell Field Watch. The watch feels rugged. It has appropriate heft on my wrist, but is light enough to be worn all day long.

I love the sandblasted stainless steel and the simple design — no frills, just all about the work like the very first field watches were. The thick numbers offer quick legibility and the nylon strap means it’s ready for any action. The sharp army green color is just eye-catching enough to be a conversation starter and yet versatile enough to be worn with virtually any outfit. Even the case is a statement. The aluminum army green case looks like a small canteen and serves as another reminder about the value of sacrifice and working hard.

When I put this watch on each day, it reminds me of simpler times. Back when we were not addicted to our phones. The feel and look of the watch instantly has me less inclined to pick up my phone and knock out the unnecessary noise, notifications, and pings. In short, it serves as a reminder to slow down and appreciate what matters. It happens to look damn good too.


Specs: Shinola Runwell Field Watch

  • 41 mm stainless steel case
  • Three hand, no date
  • Depth rated to 10 ATM
  • Argonite 703 movement
  • Signature etched caseback with laser-etched serial number
Buy Now $650