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OMEGA x Swatch MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Sets

The latest collection from OMEGA and Swatch is out of this world.


The collaboration between OMEGA and Swatch continues to captivate watch enthusiasts with its latest offering, the Mission to Moonshine Gold collection. Following the resounding success of the MoonSwatch series, these 11 watches are a testament to precision craftsmanship and celestial inspiration. Each timepiece features a seconds hand adorned in luxurious 18K Moonshine Gold, coupled with intricate details reflecting the moon’s phases during their respective release months.

For the avid collector, there’s an unprecedented opportunity on the horizon. OMEGA and Swatch are presenting all 11 Mission to Moonshine Gold models in an exclusive set, housed within a bespoke suitcase. With only 11 sets in existence, these treasures will be showcased at select OMEGA Boutiques worldwide from February 1st to the 11th. Adding to the allure, each set comes with a unique coin engraved with the aviation code of the city where it was displayed—a subtle yet distinctive touch. But the excitement doesn’t end there.

Sotheby’s will auction off all 11 sets from February 12th to the 24th, with proceeds benefiting Orbis International—a noble cause dedicated to combating blindness and vision loss globally. It’s a fusion of horological excellence and philanthropy, making this a must-have for any serious collector with a heart for humanitarian efforts.