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Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold”

Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold”

The Omega MoonSwatch was easily the biggest story in watches last year, by a landslide. Would-be buyers were climbing over each other at Swatch retail stores. There are now twelve versions, and the rarest of them might just be the new “Mission to Moonshine Gold.” It’s not clad in gold bioceramic like many suspected it would be. Instead, it just has a gold chronometer seconds timing hand, but it’s still pretty special. The base watch seems to be the black Mission to the Moon version, but the gold hand is actually uses a proprietary process for an alloy with silver, copper, and palladium. The impact is a noticeable one, although it’s a tad muted compared to the sheen of actual gold. The brands tie the use of gold to the actual cities where it will be sold (London, Milan, Zürich and Tokyo), where gold has a connection. This version of the MoonSwatch also happened to be built on February 5, 2023, when there was a full moon. Pretty cool. The watch goes on sale at retail locations in those cities today. In the unlikely event that you’ll actually be able to get your mitts on one of these, you’ll be in rarified company. Regarding how many have been made, Swatch simply said, “not enough”.

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