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The Nixon Time Teller Solar Is the Perfect Everyday Watch With DYI Band Adjustments

The Nixon Time Teller Solar Is the Perfect Everyday Watch With DYI Band Adjustments

There’s a certain type of watch lover who has a case of timepieces that they love and have gathered over time, but that sit languishing in a watch box in the closet. Maybe it’s a battery that went dead that still hasn’t been replaced after years of saying “next time I head out for some errands.” Maybe it’s that the band isn’t the right size and there just never seems an optimum time to sit down and fix it or go have it done. Maybe it’s just the era that we live in where it’s hard to not constantly be enamored by the next new shiny object.

I am one of those watch lovers. A revamp of Nixon’s iconic Time Teller, the Time Teller Solar, is my latest solution to all three of those problems while clocking in at an affordable $150.

The Time Teller Solar keeps much of the same vibe of the classic while adding some new features. First, as the name suggests, it’s a solar watch, so no need to worry about battery swaps. The 2170 Miyota solar stadium dial panel lasts for four months fully charged. A few minutes of direct sunlight gives 24 hours of power, though indoor lights will do the trick as well with some more time.

It also has an updated look. Available in four colorways—all black, all gold, and with a jade or dusty blue face—the Time Teller Solar has a thinner case that’s slightly wider at a comfortable 40.5 mm. It takes up space without being overwhelming, and is incredibly light with a classic and versatile look. Over the past couple of weeks, it’s gone from date nights to hikes, and with a waterproof rating down to 100 meters I never have to worry about the type of situations I typically find myself in.

But there’s one feature that wins my heart all on its own: a sliding deployment clasp on the bracelet that lets me adjust for my wrist size without any tools. My wrists run on the smaller side, and I generally tend to prefer leather straps to handle the occasional midday swell. I do love to switch it up, though, and the no-tool adjustments allowed me to wear the watch straight out of the box and immediately fold it into my rotation.

And I have a feeling it’s going to stay out of the watch box in the closet and in rotation for many years to come.

Specs: Nixon Time Teller Solar

  • Pressure-tested 40.5 mm case with 10 ATM (100 meter) water rating
  • Solar dial with four months of run on a full charge
  • 20 mm five-link quick release bracelet
  • No-tool quick adjustor buckle
  • Miyota 2170 movement
Buy Now $150