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MB&F Made a Rocket That Holds a Loupe Set

MB&F Made a Rocket That Holds a Loupe Set

From robots and music boxes to motorcycles, the horological masterminds and technical mad men behind MB&F have come up with some pretty incredible creations over the years. The teamed up with Loupe System to create Project LpX, a modular storage container for two loupes that looks like a rocket. Each one of the five modular components (three storage bays, the base and the nose cone) is made to last with a combination of anodized aluminum and contrasting stainless steel and packaged in its own protective box. The two included Loupe System magnifying loupes are in 3x and 6x magnification, and Project LpX also includes a universal clip so you can attach the magnifiers to any phone or tablet for up close photos and videos. MB&F even went so far as to include a self-luminous tritium capsule “booster” so you get a cool cosmic glow in the dark. Project LpX is limited to 99 pieces in each of the red, blue, green and black colorways.

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