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Huckberry and Timex Reissue an Iconic Watch from the ’90s

Huckberry and Timex Reissue an Iconic Watch from the ’90s

For every trend that should be left to the ’90s (I’m looking at you, JNCO Jeans!), there is one that I am happy to see return. That’s exactly how I felt when I read the news that Huckberry and Timex are teaming up to rerelease the iconic IRONMAN Flix Watch. Known for its reliability, dependability, and ease of use, it was a favorite among pilots, doctors, and athletes alike. Now, it’s back on the market and as good as ever.

While other companies may call it a rerelease, it’s really a total reimagining. I have to give it up to Huckberry and Timex for truly making a part-for-part replica of the ’90s watch. It’s every bit as solid as its predecessor, with the only major upgrade coming in the form of lap memory (upgraded from 30 to 100). Other than that, the various features that made it so well-loved decades ago have been well preserved, including: lap timer, 24-hour clock, alarm settings, and even a memo pad option.

Who needs a smart watch when you have a watch that looks this good and performs exactly what you need from it?

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