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The Best Go-to Cheap Watches That Work For Every Guy

The Best Go-to Cheap Watches That Work For Every Guy

To my horologically inclined friends, let me apologize up front. I’m just not a watch guy. Try as I might, a watch has always been utilitarian for me. I like the weight of a timepiece, but think of it more as a bracelet. The fact that it can tell time is just a bonus, I guess you could say.

For me, I’ll take a cheap watch any day of the week. Give me a Casio and I’m a happy guy. And a Timex? Forget about it. Hell, I’ll even take a Seiko if the price is right.

Owning a cheap watch has everything to do with the fact that I don’t have to be precious with it. I want to be able to throw my watch on and bang it up, get my hands dirty, and not worry about how my lifestyle may affect the resale value later. I live on a farm. I have three dogs. I’m terribly uncoordinated. A Weekender does the trick just fine, and if the band rips or the crystal gets a little beat-up, well, c’est la vie.

However, I do think there’s something to be said about mixing high and low, so sometimes my watch choice is intentional. I recently paired a bespoke suit with a gold-toned Casio. I felt like a million bucks in the outfit.

Now, of course, I recognize the beauty of a nice watch. I’m not blind. I just happen to not want to remortgage my house for something I would be too cautious to wear five days a week. Even the most affordable watches from luxury brands run for a couple thousand dollars. So, cheers to the quartz movement watches, the calculator watches, the Groupon watches, and the second-hand watches. You may not be for everyone, but you’re most definitely for me.

But, hey, if anyone has a Cartier Tank they’re looking to get rid of, you know where to find me.

The Best Cheap Watches


Casio A700WMG-9AVT

Casio is one of the best affordable watch brands to have on your radar. One of my daily watches, this Casio has a vintage face that reminds me of something Wes Anderson would like. The Milanese band adds a little texture versus the more popular link variety.

Buy Now $80


Timex Easy Reader 35mm

It’s nearly impossible to get any simpler than this watch. A diminutive 35mm face, it’s just enough of a presence on your wrist without commanding any attention to it.

Buy Now $50


Seiko Tank

Not a Cartier, but if you’re looking for the general feel of a 1960s French film, then the Seiko Tank is a great substitute.

Buy Now $215


MWC Classic 1960s/70s Pattern Olive Drab Vietnam Watch

A simple military-inspired watch, the Vietnam range looks and feels just right for any occasion, mixing that high-low vibe. It’s one that menswear giant David Coggins enjoys, and he also “doesn’t mind putting them through the laundry by accident.”

Buy Now $51
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