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Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate Watch Winder

Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate Watch Winder

Do you really need a watch winder? No. If it’s this cool, however, the answer changes to an unqualified ‘yes’. The Crown Ultimate represents the pinnacle of achievement by Bernard Favre. The artful winder was created in response to customers who wanted one for manual wound timepieces. Unlike winders for mechanical automatic movement watches, manual wind watches require winding at the crown, and they cannot be overwound lest they become damaged. The Crown Ultimate uses mobile rods that allow the winding of watches with differing crown positions, styles, and sizes. Furthermore, there’s a nifty sensor-based system that adjusts based on the movement and the state of winding so as not to overwind. It also happens to be stunning to look at from every angle, making it as much a piece of desk art at it is a functional tool for watch lovers. Only 68 will be made.

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