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Beastie Boys Nixon Time Teller

Beastie Boys Nixon Time Teller

Back in the day, there weren’t many girls around the way. You wake up late for school and man you don’t wanna go. You gotta fight… you know the rest. With the Nixon Time Teller / Beastie Boys collaboration, you can fight for your right – to wear Mike D. in four different colors on your arm. It’s the Nixon Time Teller you’re already familiar with, done up Beastie Boys style in white, blue, red and green. Each watch face is done up with a picture of Mike D. in a suit that matches the watch color (we hope, for his sake, this is Photoshop magic). The watch band has the Beastie Boys logo on one side and a quote from Mike D. on the other. Musical history? Probably not. Cool watch regardless? We’d say so.

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