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Autodromo Group C Sport Chronograph

Autodromo Group C Sport Chronograph

Industrial designer and vintage auto racing aficionado Bradley Price founded Autodromo back in 2011, and he keeps delivering the goods. This time, his watch catalog expands into the digital world. The Group C Sport Chronograph has an angular case inspired by Group C race cars from the ’80s along with the onset of racing’s move into the digital era. The 36mm case gets grey plating, yellow Cerakote, or black DLC coating, bi-color pushers, and matching sapphire glass and bezel coloring. The watch gets a quartz chrono LCD module with an EL backlight that provides day/date, split times, and an alarm. It comes in four colorways, and Yellow Cerakote gets a negative LCD screen. Each watch comes with a reversible custom-molded FKM rubber strap. They’re available directly from the Autodromo site.

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