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A $250k Rolex Daytona Was Discovered in a Couch

A $250k Rolex Daytona Was Discovered in a Couch

Last time we checked under our sofa cushions we found some random LEGOs, a plastic dinosaur, and a few kernels of very old popcorn. Not long ago, a Canadian woman fared quite a bit better when she discovered a rare Rolex Daytona Paul Newman in her $25 thrift store sofa. After she unsuccessfully tried to find the owner (more than we would do), she took the timepiece to watch dealer Paul Altieri who assessed it at a cool quarter mil and subsequently paid her for it. Though it’s not valued at the $15.5 million Newman’s own Daytona commanded at auction back in 2017, it easily eclipses the value of all of our furniture and the contents within.

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