When your vodka is made from some of the purest water in the world, just like Finlandia Vodka is, you sort of care about that special source, want to protect it, and even, in a sense, worship it. Finlandia Vodka partnered with 1% for The Planet, the organization they donate 1% of their profits to, Huck Magazine and National Geographic’s Cory Richards to hunt down other adventurers who share a passion for clean and clear H2O. The first episode in the series follows Antero Joki, Finland’s greatest freediver, the man they call the “Human Sea Monster,” as he plunges into the icy waters off the coast. Check out the fascinating short directed by surfer and filmmaker Mikey DeTemple, as it follows the man who can hold his breath for seven minutes and dive up to 328 feet on a single breath. This is about the thrill and the dangers that come with diving into such natural beauty.


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