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Lomo might not be a household name, but the legacy film brand is certainly beloved by photography enthusiasts. The brand is celebrating its 30th birthday with a lovely collection of film cameras. The Lomographic Society was founded in 1992 after the company’s founders discovered an original Lomo LC-A in a Prague camera shop. While Lomography certainly revels in high-minded film photography, the group is simply a passion project of creators who appreciate the craft. And Lomo as a camera manufacturer speaks to that ethos. Rugged, durable, and relatively affordable, Lomo cameras are a great entry point for the budding film photographer. Back in the ’90s, the Lomography team ha convinced Lomo to bring the cameras back into production. But, production on the original cameras wrapped in 2005 and was then replaced with a newer model in 2006. This trio of anniversary cameras harkens back to the original design ethos. To celebrate Lomography’s 30th anniversary you can buy the LC-A+ (35mm), LC-Wide (35mm), or LC-A 120 (120 film) starting at $349. Each of the cameras is wrapped in leather and sports a unique 30th anniversary emblem with the tagline “don’t think just shoot.”

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