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With spring in full swing it’s time to ditch those burly hiking boots and swap in some trail sneakers. The low-profile, comfortable shoes are ideal for taking on the mountains or the city streets. And Velasca has released perhaps our new favorite pair of trail shoes. The Monviso Urban Trail Sneakers were designed in partnership with Italian design house Pininfarina and made in Montenegro, Italy. The Monviso sneakers feature a waterproof membrane, durable Vibram rubber sole, and a soft suede calfskin upper. The sole, which is made from 30% recycled rubber, provides excellent traction and shock absorption while staying lightweight. The Monviso is available for $400 in grey, beige, black, and blue color options.

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Founded by a team of designers, engineers, and creatives across multiple fields with an alternative approach to all things technology, PItaka does science and style in a specialist arena with a focus on distinct materials, performance and focus you won’t find from other brands. Pitaka’s wireless charging dock–MagEZ–combines a compact and ergonomic design with a MagSafe sliding battery pack that quickly charges and effortlessly juices your phone, portable battery and earbuds up to the max. Want to stay connected regardless of how many meetings, cocktail hours or last minute get-togethers you have to attend? Upgrade to MagEZ Slider.