Sifting through menswear trends and labels is too much for the average guy. Why would you want to spend your day researching when you know 99% of the things you’d find you’d never wear? A better option: Weekly Style Finds. Each week we’ll bring you some of our favorite new items so you don’t have to go hunting for good-looking, well-made gear.


Brooklyn Tie Co.

American-made doesn’t always come cheap. Bucking that trend is Brooklyn Tie Co., with their line of high quality, made in the USA ties—each of which retails for just


Hill-Side Spring/Summer Made-In-Japan Sneakers

Building off the success of their first line of sneakers, The Hill-Side is back for another go around. As with the last collection, the highlight here is the unique fabric selection.


Edgevale Cast Iron Short

Just like durable pans made from cast iron, these shorts are designed to last a lifetime. For the outdoorsman who demands quality, these guys won’t fray or rip. They even come with a Cordura sleeve for your pocket knife.



Billed as “the softest tee you’ll ever touch,” the shirts from KOTN will make you rethink ever buying a 3-pack from your local big box store again. Available in Black or White and in three different cuts, the shirts are basic yet refined.


Greats Spring/Summer “Bab” Sneaker

Greats continues to put out affordable and stylish footwear. Their latest, an updated version of their classic “Bab” sneaker, comes with added traction, in some new color options, and remains lightweight.


Apolis Spring 2015 Collection

For Apolis’s latest line, the brand teamed with a mill in Spain to craft durable items that won’t weigh you down. They used linen and cotton to produce blazers, slim jackets, and other staples.


When it comes to proper attire during the warmest months of the year–we’re talking weddings, cocktail hours, work outings and the like–linen clothing is an absolute necessity unless you live in the tundra or want to look like you’re melting. That’s where Percival comes in. Whether you’re looking for a safari shirt, tapestry Cuban shirt, easy breezy trousers or a lovely linen suit, Percival has the strong, lightweight and breathable options you need in all the stylish, colorful and well-built options you want. Upgrade your warm weather wardrobe with Percival today.