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iPad. Eye mask. Phone. Charger. Pen. Passport. Headphones. Neck pillow. Glasses. The list of things you need to have readily available when you’re traveling seems to grow in size every time you take a trip. Thanks to BauBax and their new travel jackets, having places for all those things is no longer an issue. Available in Sweatshirt, Windbreaker, Bomber and Blazer styles with a number of color options, each jacket includes everything you need for travel via plane, train or automobile. The neck pillow and the eye mask are built into the hood. There are gloves built into the sleeves. The zipper extends into a pen/stylus. There’s even a Koozie Drink Pocket so you can actually work on those hilariously small tray tables. With the BauBax travel jacket you don’t even need a carry-on.


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