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If you haven’t crawled out from the rock you’ve been living under yet, know this: the new collaboration between Omega and Swatch is the hottest watch series in perhaps ever. Recently released in limited numbers at Swatch retail shops around the world, the collection consists of 11 models of the “MoonSwatch” that remains true to the design and proportions of the original Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch but uses color, quartz movement, cutting edge scratch-resistant bioceramic cases, fun Velcro straps, and a very attractive price of $260 each. Consider that a real one costs over six thousand smackers. The MoonSwatch has the Speedmaster’s 42mm case diameter, classic stepped subdials, and the iconic Omega lettering and logo (with Swatch neatly below them).

Both brands exist under the Swiss Swatch Group mothership and don’t even compete with each other in terms of style and price point, so this collab comes out of left field in the best of ways. Evidence of the brilliant partnership comes in the form of massive crowds at retailers and eBay auction prices upwards of $4,000. The crazy part is that these are not limited edition, but good luck getting them at retail prices.

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Founded by a team of designers, engineers, and creatives across with an alternative approach to all things technology, Pitaka does science and style in a specialist arena with an eye on distinct materials, performance and focus you won’t find from other brands. Pitaka’s wireless charging dock–MagEZ Slider–combines a compact and ergonomic design with a MagSafe sliding battery pack that quickly charge your phone, portable battery and earbuds up to the max. Want to stay connected regardless of how many meetings, cocktail hours or get-togethers you have to attend? Upgrade to MagEZ Slider.